Lets Talk about Drum machine patches

I am thinking about making a 10 channel drum machine patch with some basic effects a la Analog Rytm
Is there already one people are using successfully? I do not want to replicate what is already done or not needed


I am currently working on a 3 part AI drum synthesis patch.

I also have an idea for a simpler patch that will select a different sample each time it is triggered. This should sound really cool with my generative sequencers + rolling kind of sounds.

Wow, this sounds exciting. Will your patch be available to download/buy?

I think polybeats is one of the best patches for organelle easily, if that received some multipage expansion/adaptation of some sort it could be even better. I’m not sure how it would work but pitching/reverb controls per voice/drum sound would be ace (you’d have to reduce total number of diff samples to like 6 and give each its own page i guess, maybe an option of keeping different banks of samples, I dunno ) Also people had discussed being able to input more than one instance of a sample into a sequence by pressing again, perhaps with a long press to remove all instances of that particular sample. I think I have some ideas for this, no skill just ideas.
Love the idea of an analorganelle rytm too.

Just wanted to second @Wannop in regards to polybeats. Of any of the existing drum machine patches that I’m aware of, polybeats is the most functional/ versatile patch in the drum machine department, and would love to see something that builds upon it. Grids is cool too, but the direct control polybeats offers would be nice to see in other places :slight_smile:

cool I’m not usually into mucking with the core C&G ones because they are done so well by those cats but I am into creating a menu system for loading samples into a 16 step 10 lane drum machine with pitch shifting a compressor and some verb this weekend


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would kill for a CR-78 style drum machine. I think it’s the greatest sounding drum machine of all time. Having great sounds, being easy to sequence, and easy to add accents would make it a permanent part of my setup.


i can’t speak to accents on steps at this point but i am hoping to implement a way to select from a folder of files with ten channels. I don;t think I’ve ever thouht about adding accenting or ratcheting yet.

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I’m just using my organelle to make sounds driven by my Digitakt (planning on adding some midi parameters to thetechnobears lmnts patch next) so I’m not really needing more drum machines right now.

BUT I would add - conditional triggers make a massive difference to drum sequencing - you can make some very ‘organic’ sounding stuff.

Not quite sure what your UI would be - might be challenge with the little screen though :slight_smile:

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The UI with alot of channels gets a little crazy. I am debating whether or not to release a traditional one because i have other gear that does the trick but i thought i would give it a shot.
***O/T I am using two intellijel plonks, a rings and and Ansible/monome for my physical model sounds/sequences and driving it with a midi clock --i loved elements but it was too big for my newbie rig a few years ago so i am glad we have it in organelle now. I may just trash it but i came up with a simple drum machine with 6 channels

Users can replace the wavs in the Kits and i may remove the Echo/verb send for more tweaks on the drums themselves this is just a proof of concept at this point but it works…lo
I think the menu system is working okay

it has 6 channels

Stuff will change for sure
Footswitch will also start the sequence

Aux1 turns step on/off
Aux2-7 Selects drum

AUX8 clears the current sequence

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Nice one putting this together Patrick, can’t wait to try all these new patches when I’m home on Saturday.

DRUM is really ace! there’s a lot of possibilities there.

i was wondering about two other drum patch possibilities (i have no idea if they are possible/difficult or even desirable to most people):

  1. playing a rhythm on the keyboard is fun and the sequencer patches like ‘sequencer style’ can record what you play with a simple button hold to ready the recorder and a press to stop. recording doesn’t start until you start playing but stopping the recording along with the rhythm so that it loops nicely is difficult. a way to delete silence at the end of the recording in order to get a smooth loop would be cool.

  2. i don’t know if this is possible, but another idea could be a ptach where you play a rhythm on the keys but it locks it to a 16 (or more) step sequencer. so if you press the key closest to step 5 it locks to that, but if you press it later and closer to step 6 it locks to that. then perhaps you could even layer over that.

i have one that does the second thing. i can try to find that but it’s different the way this one is setup, more of like Step Sequencer Style …lol

The idea is set the beats with the default kit that’s loaded Step by Step so you can really craft a beat then experiment with loading different drum sounds in from different Kits

Remember this is a baby step ha! sequencer

cool. it’s very adjustable and you can change the volumes too which is good.

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Yeah I have plan to build something similar too. But I have many things I need to finish before I get to that. But yeah a sequencer where you can record the steps one by one AND on top of that they are synced… thta would be nice and something I have plans to make.

i already made one like that for the early vintage synths, not really into that with this one. I’ll find it and share it when i can and maybe you all will get some ideas or use it in something

that already exists actually. Forgot the patch’s name though.

Yeah Kyle made it, they’re crazy cool. I think a new one is coming out shortly too, it’s supposed to be different each download which keeps me up at night thinking about