Limited choice of patches for Orac

Hi folks,

Search threw up no specific answers to my question:

Does Orac only offer a limited choice of patches to load into the modules (not number of patches - I know this is up to 10)

When I go to select a certain patch to assign to M1, M2 etc. many of the desired patches from the standard patch list are missing. Maybe this is simply how it works, or am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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Yup — patches/modules have to be specifically coded to work within Orac.


Shame! - was hoping I could simply copy additional patches into the relevant folder and Bob’s your uncle!

which patches were you hoping to use with orac? there’s plenty out there already converted

nice. besides the ones available in Orac’s default patch list?

(Rec Slicer, for example, or some of the granular samplers would be nice :slight_smile:

Granular freezer is in the defaults, as is clds
Both really fantastic granular effects/synths

Rec slicer is not, but could be converted as an orac patch. (I love that one too) My organelle is dead for another couple of weeks but once repaired, i could have a go at converting rec slicer for orac. Morphagene too. Love live buffer cut effects.


They should ALL be converted for Orac - so many great patches out there! Obviously this is lots and lots of work though.
That would be great if you managed to convert Rec Slicer. I can imagine ways that particular patch could be even sweeter, but sadly I have zero pd experience or know-how :frowning:
Yes, loving the live buffer cut effects, and similar effects that sequence short snippets, moving audio around in interesting ways.
I’ve only had the Organelle for a week so far, with the plan of spending 2-3 weeks of really discovering what it is capable of doing, and deciding whether it is worth holding onto or not.

Some background, Orac was created and released for free by user @thetechnobear, not C&G, so getting “all” patches converted would be his only job and unrealistic. Further explanation:

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Here’s something fun:

Thanks @Wannop !!

@mike , currently Im really busy trying to finish off features/enhancements for Orac 2.0,
so not had a lot of time for converting new patches to modules.

also, 2.0 changes a few things for modules, and add some new possibilities, so its quite a task to update/review/enhance the 54 cores modules I created in 1.0, and so better to add new modules when that is done. (probably once beta is released )

anyway, hope to have a 2.0 beta out soon, then things might calm down a bit.


would actually love to create a module based on a set of 24 buffer, reverb, filter and delay effect-based 1-bar macros assigned to organelle keys, like the izotope plugin but more simplified and reduced to ‘essentials’. a kind of instant, clock synced remix of any incoming signal. probably tough (tough to keep at low enough cpu lag as much as patching difficulty), but worth a crack. could probably (ab)use either shmorphagene, light cycles or another patch to get a basis.

Brilliant. Thanks for the conversion - will give it a shot.
Best, M

@thetechnobear, looking forward to 2.0!

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me too :laughing:

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Massive respect thetechnobear :pray: really appreciate all your hard work and patience :fist: . Thank you kindly

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