Orac needs A LOT of work, fellas

I’m fond of all the patch making the community has done since I’ve first discovered and purchased the organelle. And even more awesome we got to where we are now, in terms of now having orac. That being said, there needs to be a ton of work done to fix crashing issues that seem to be happening to at least 80% of us. I barely having two projects that I can’t even work on properly without constantly unplugging and turning my organelle on again. I can’t stress how frustrating this is, I know many people can relate. I don’t think there has been much detail on to fix this on the forum. Certainly, this has been addressed by contributors, but why aren’t we getting solutions. All I’ve been hearing is “Oh yeah it’s CPU issues”. That’s as far as it goes. I know this is something we shouldn’t have to be dealing with.

Sounds like you have a lot of work to do! Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


hmm, you may be “fond” of it, but frankly, you seem to have little respect for it.

I created Orac in my spare time, and shared it with the community for free,
not only did I do the development , but Ive also spent a lot of time support it, and generally helping Organelle owners.

so Im sorry, If I don’t meet your expectations, but last time I checked, my time is my own… I decide if, when, and how I spend time on my projects.

but lets be a little more positive shall we…

the only crashes I know are from Brds and I think Lmnts, the former Ive already addressed, and explained a work around … the later I will look at for the next release.

again, this highlights your lack of respect, Ive not just said “its CPU issues”
Ive explained very clearly (on multiple occasions) exactly what the issue is. (again me doing this takes time too!)

it is not crashing, its just unresponsive, because PD is run at real-time priority on the Organelle, so if you overload its DSP graph (adding too many expensive modules) , the OS has no time to handle the lower priority tasks (screen updates, osc messages for controls)
this is NOT really an Orac issue, any PD patch you created that used too much CPU would have the same issue - the reason we see it in Orac, is because I let the user build a patch dynamically!
… with power comes responsibility :wink:

the solution?
Ive also explained on those same threads, that this needs me to do an OS update, which will basically allow a PD process to be killed/interrupted if it overwhelms the machine (I can do little else, since I cannot add more CPU to your organelle!)
Ive proposed ideas on how I might do this, but again, thats another task I have to do, in my spare time.

so yeah… so much for my dismissing issues - its a technical problem, and needs technical solutions which I need to work on!

finally, I have in the background been working on Orac for a new release for quite a while.
but it is just one project, on one platform that I work on in my spare time ,
If I want to spend more of my spare time making music, rather than coding for a while - then I will.
frankly, Im not going to be made to feel guilty by you… because you feel ‘entitled’ to better support.

all that said, I do really appreciate all the fantastic comments, and patience - Ive had from many users of Orac here. It was a lot of work, and it was made worthwhile by the positive feedback Ive received - I also appreciate the suggestions, bug reports etc … these have been useful for what will become the next release.

Im also sorry the next release has taken longer than I expected…
frankly, Im an inquisitive developer and amateur musician, and as anyone who subscribes to my youtube channel will notice - a lot of different things spark my interest, which I wander off to do, and there are only so many hours in the day.

anyway, I do want to get the next release out, partly because its been ‘sitting on my desk’ for so long, its frustrating for me too, to have quite a bit of work thats done, but not released - but I can only release when I’ve done what I ‘need to do’.


Honestly, I’ve never really experienced these problems. But then again I don’t really use Orac. I never found it to be user friendly or have a proactive workflow.

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spends several hours a week lost in headphones and orac noodling


Not trying to say it isn’t proactive for everyone. Different minds work different ways. :man_shrugging:

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Personally, I think Orac is a game changer. It is probably the #1 thing that tipped me over to buying the organelle, actually. I think this will become more obvious and evident when more modules are developed. Orac makes it much easier for musicians who aren’t PD wizards to get the effects they’re looking for imo.

It has its quirks, as has been mentioned, but even as is, I think it is a brilliant creation! Very excited for the next update to Orac, too!

And it is very important to realize it’s an independent project that we get for free. Orac has a ways to go, but being supportive and understanding is going to help far more than being critical, I suspect.


it’s experimental, a lot of ppl are majorly benefiting from the generosity of a few truly genius devs… there is no monolith to which to direct yr complaints and demands… you just gotta take it slow and figure out what works and how far you can push it…

Like isn’t it amazing that it exists at all?


thank you all for the support. :heart_eyes:

honestly, I’m perhaps a bit oversensitive at times on ‘expectations’ towards developers on the internet/forums, not just for my software, but also others, including small companies. unfortunately, I know from first hand experience, it can make some developers feel reluctant and shy away from communicating with their users… which is a bad thing for us all.

again to be clear, this is not about reporting issues, bugs, things that could be improved - that’s all cool, and very useful for developers… and actually its a side I enjoy - its about respecting there are many things going on behind the scenes, that influence timelines, design, architecture.

anyway, all cool, I’ve had great experiences with feedback for Orac and other projects I work on - that’s why I do open source projects, and will continue to do so :hugs:

absolutely cool, no patch, software, product can be right for everyone,
that’s the cool thing about the organelle, we have the choice to use as we wish,.

that said, I’m, still interested to hear ‘why’, or what/if you things could be improved.

perhaps for some, its lack of functionality… and this may improve with time,
however, there are probably also some fundamental reasons, which are almost inevitable (by design).

  • complexity/learning curve
    inevitably, with a complex multi function software, its more complex to use than a single function patch. this means a learning curve / time investment … this ‘investment’ only makes sense if you need/want its functionality/complex operations.

  • one function design
    this is really interesting conceptually…
    if you have the PD skills, you can build specific patches using building blocks, and you don’t care if its changeable dynamically. this is a really good approach.
    interestingly, the guys at blokas/pisound, have been using the tech behind Orac (oKontrol/mec) in this way
    the only problem with this approach, is it only works for those that want to program/patch … and that is not for everyone, for many reasons.

as I said on another thread the other day, one of my favourite patches on the organelle is the C&G Rhodes patch - its simplicity is a large factor in why I love it so much.

actually, I like quite a few of the original C&G “one page” patches.
I think they are cleverly designed to have the essence of what is needed to control - its also why musicians love ‘knob per function’ synths - its all to easy as a designer with menus and multi page designs, to just throw more and more parameters at the user, rather than really think about what they really need… often ‘less is more’ !


Not sure this is the place but just want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for Orac. it’s the bomb. it’s brilliantly written and conceived. You absolutely granted “beast mode” to the organelle. Thank you for your generosity and expertise!!!


I think maybe @Mayito33 is under the impression that C&G are responsible for orac and is responsible for support thereof. Probably an honest mistake. Just in case you don’t know: @thetechnobear (pretty great nic btw) programmed the orac up all by himself and made it available for free to you and has provided countless hours of support to the community with no expectation of compensation. Speaking which: @thetechnobear, do you have a patreon?


While I respect (what I gather is) their obvious belief and passion in the principally non-transactional nature of open source, I would def buy @thetechnobear some coffee/beer as a gesture of thanks and support



If I´m not wrong, my first post here. I´m lurking the forum for maybe nearly a year. Love portable synths and want an Organelle to work with my OP-1. However, as I got an OP-Z the plan is on hold for now (and because it isn´t sold here/import taxes are crazy I have to wait the perfect opportunity/second hand in Brazil).

However, I came from the shadows of lurkerdom only to say that although I like the spirit and aesthetics of Critter and Guitari, what really sparked my interest for the Organelle is exactly Orac. The work of @thetechnobear is fundamental for the development of that amazing music platform and community and I should thank you and praise for your dedication and kindness. Big up!


If anything, I’m surpised and saddened that C&G havent been more supportive of the person that made the patch that singlehandedly, exponentially improved the organelle. @thetechnobear and the few others that are the main patch contributors are heros and saints of electronic music and this community


Thanks everyone.

@AdrianDel many of the module in Orac originate from C&G code, so they are part of it.
more generally C&G has been very supportive, they even made a couple of new modules for Orac :slight_smile:

but, as above though, Orac is just one way of using the Organelle, meanwhile C&G have continued to push the Organelle in new directions with their patches in very creative ways. I think that having a diverse approach is good for the community - I know it inspires me.


I haven’t used ORAC yet. But every man is their own, I respect the works that Technobear has put in it. I prefer patching the old fashioned way.

But I DO use the über awesome VNC setup that he made, so one can patch directly on Organelle without using its own display, mouse and keyboard, simply just log into Organelle from another computer and start patching. Personally I think that is the best thing that happened to the Organelle in a long time :slight_smile:

Anyway, about the crashes, the only crashes I experienced on mine, was because of a bad power supply connector. It didn’t fit well in the PSU socket, it was wiggling, which turned the Organelle on/off randomly. But I got a new power supply and it has worked fine since then.

Anyway, @Mayito33:

Could you explain EXACTLY when it happens? So we can do some troubleshooting.



It’s not actually explicit from the original post that they’re talking specifically about Orac…my reading of the post was that they were saying the Organelle crashes, and that they mentioned Orac as one of the reasons they love Organelle. Seems imho like everyone jumped the gun a bit and now the OP is scared hah

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