Patches with ORAC

I have installed Orac and found how to makes the modules working together.
But how to use some of the original patches, they have to be added inside the Orac folder ?
Because actually i can’t use them and don’t see those that are on the usb when Orac is running.

what do you mean by original patches?

Orac loads orac modules, you cannot load ‘any old’ Organelle patch,
this is because Orac modules need to communicate with Orac.

there is an ‘easter egg’ feature for Orac, which allows ONE organelle patch to be loaded into Orac as a module. if you search Orac easter egg on this forum… you’ll find my post about it (with many caveats :wink: )

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Thanks for your reply, i mean the patches that are installed with the OS.

So how i can find all the specific orac modules ?

I have installed the easter egg too but not tried yet, need to explore this too :slight_smile:

you mean new ones?

some are posted on patchstorage (developers usually make a post on this forum too)

these are then installed into the directory

they need to be added to a category sub folder.
e.g. if you have a new module (mynewfx) which is an fx, you’d have something like

then when you restart orac, mynewfx will appear along with the other ‘fx’ modules in the module menu

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Yes new ones or those that are already possible to use, i will check the link below

I saw in one of your videos that they are patches in the hack folder like addsynth & drone, those are organelle patches but modified ?

This is why i was wondering if i could use those patches with Orac