List of Organelle compatible USB devices!


I am self taught pianist over the past 25 years i started with simple chords like maybe you would heard on ENO or La Monte Young’s Well Tuned Piano. I iV V 7 and making them ambient. Also i was very interested in Terry Riley’s style of playing modal pentatonics [The black keys] Eb for the most part.

not sure if that helps but check out Persian Surgery Dervishes [Terry Riley]
The Well Tuned Piano [LaMonte Young]
Brian Eno [ Music For Airports]



The Organelle’s Arch Linux OS supports USB class compliant devices. So if the device is compliant (most commercial midi devices are), you should be good to go.

But for the sake of this thread, I’ve tested and have used the following USB devices with the Organelle

  • Teenage Engineering OP-Lab
  • Teenage Engineering OP-1
  • Monome Grid 128
  • Moog Minitaur
  • Moog MP-201 MIDI/CV Pedal
  • Various USB mice, keyboards and hubs
  • Various USB Wifi adapters. I use the CanaKit Raspberry Pi adapter.
  • Korg Minilogue
  • Disaster Area SMARTClock Gen3 Tap Tempo Controller
  • EMu X-Midi
  • External hard drives and USB sticks.
  • … and more


First post around here :wink: Organelle center stage!

This I have tested and works nicely with Organelle:


Has anyone used an AlesisVX49 with the Organelle? Gonna try to set it up tonight.


All I had to do was plug it in! I love this little box.


This thread might as well be more useful if it was a list of MIDI devices that DON’T WORK with Organelle. :joy: Every class-compliant MIDI device I’ve tried so far works like a charm.


First post here,

I’m picking up an Organelle tomorrow and started thinking about class compliant usb audio devices which brought me to this thread.

I have a Sound Devices Mix Pre D which I use as a portable soundcard, it’s class compliant so I just plug and play with my Macbook. I read that it could be possible for the Organelle to use device’s inputs and outputs by changing the default in PD. As a complete PD novice — is there a how to anywhere I could look at?

Many thanks


…I also just realised I can switch my RME into class compliant!


I have confirmed that the Alesis Vmini (25 key) works great. Pretty much 90% of the buttons are also functional.

I can confirm that the M-AUDIO Oxygen49 does not work. No sound or trigger response in any patches.


Re: Oxygen49 - it makes sense that keyboard controller doesn’t work with the Organelle since you need to install a driver to use it with Linux/Unix OSs. The M-Audio specs for this controller say:

Class-compliant with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X

(it isn’t really ‘class-compliant’ if it only works with some OSs right out of the box)


Thanks for clarifying that. I am really a midi noob.


@mike310 if you are not happy with the ones you have I would suggest looking for Novation midi keyboards and controllers, especially the Launch series. They are (almost) all class compliant. And pretty cheap too :slight_smile:

I got Launch and Launch XL, both are class compliant. The XL is really cool. No keys though, but if you need keys, check the LaunchKey/LaunchKey mini.


Thanks for the tip! I’m pretty happy so far with this little 25 key unit. I would really like a pitch and mod wheel though. In time.


Is there anyone that could help me with this? I’m unsure how to access PD to change the default audio device?


Arturia Keystep works well (controls and midiclock).