Mother-desktop for os2.1?

Hi there,

did someone already work on a mother desktop patch for OS2?
For me it’s an essential tool to develop patches. I’m trying to build some update to mother-desktop.pd, but since I did not fully understand the OS2 example patches yet, it’s rather difficult to work on both ends, example patch and mother patch to run the examples on a desktop computer…

In particular:
When changing a page, subpatch “clear-oled” sends messages to “oscOut send /oled/line<1…5>”. Is this an osc message that is (on the organelle) received in the background, triggering to clear the display lines?

As there is no receiver for this message in mother-desktop.pd, could an easy way forward be to fake such a receiver?

reply number 2: no clue how to fake “send /oled/invertline” though :frowning:

edit: ok, one can fake the invert line by printing the selected line-value in line 5, like “HOME, selected: p3”…

hey @haesslich, did you solved this? I am trying to open OS2+ patches too in mother desktop macOS…