Looper question

Hi there, I’m a new organelle user, here.

Is there an available looper patch that roughly recreates the “always recording” functionality of the original EHX 16-Second Looper? As in, the input is constantly being recorded to a buffer, and begins looping what you have already played at the press of a button (or rise of a fader). And if this isn’t already available, would it be super complicated to implement it into a pre-existing patch?

Thanks for your time,

Have a look at this, it surely contains enough pointers to get you on the right way.

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Hi Patrick,
I’m also a new organelle user and i’m looking for the same kind a thing. Did you finaly find a patch that looks like the EHX 16-Second Looper ?


The Deterior patch can do some of what you’re looking for if you turn off the effects.

I have the deterior patch on my organelle (original model) but i cant get it to loop what i record. all i hear is the noise from the fx slowly come in but no actual looping sound. any ideas?

@johnft - are you on the newest OS?..OS 4.0? If not, please update: