Mac Mini w EYESY?

hi there, I’d like to use the EYESY on my computer so I can use StreamYard with it. What adapters and or boxes do I need to connect to mac mini ports? If I need to get two monitors I will. I doubt I can use just one monitor but if it’s possible that would be sweet. thank you!

Hi, this section of the manual covers this:

So, thanks for the reply. Will this video capture card work with a mac mini to stream the EYESY?

Thanks in advance

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My M1 Mac Mini hdmi port is only an output port. I just found this out. What a bummer… So I need a capture card, right? Anybody own an EYESY using it with a Mac Mini? Can you tell this is my first piece of video gear? My end goal is to input the EYESY into the computer and I want to add my own font and images for the EYESY to manipulate. Then, use Stream Yard or Restream to share. Thoughts? please include gear models and adapter and all thats needed to get this to work. The reference to the User Manual states generally but I need help with specifics from this forum. Please give me some suggestions and referral shopping links:)

It sounds like you would like to stream the capture live, right? So it would be best to use a capture card that be used by different applications such as the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle (listed in section 6.2 of Manual) and the capture card listed here:

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