Midi clock master / note send switch

Hello Critter team & follks,

I’m wondering if it’d be possible to integrate a Midi clock on/off and midi note send on/off for SEND AND RECEIVE switch in the root system parameter in a future update of organelle?

It would have many application but my goal at the moment is to sync my gear with organelle only using a roland a880 midi spliter.

When I patch the organelle to the midi chain and use pow pow’s polybeat for example, organelle receive a lot of midi information that starts my pow pow crazy instead of just syncing the clock (TR 8 is my master).

A plus would be to use this pow pow polybeat as a clock per note, like an old 808 clock out (every time a pow pow hit a note a clock message is sent to my vintage mono synth that has a sequence in it for example) . So I receive a master clock then I send a poly divided clock on another midi track using a roland UM one mkII as us to midi connected to my organelle.

I’m not sure I’m clear enough… You get the point? isn’t it a root parameter needed instead of programing each patch in pure data? (I’m totaly incapable of that)