Send clock without note messages?

I’m having some trouble with my Organelle, more specifically it’s relationship to my Microbrute.

What I want to be able to do: Send a steady clock from the Organelle to the brute via midi and sync whatever patch I’m currently using with the brutes sequencer. Nothing complicated.

What ends up happening when I try to do this: The brute gets clock from the Organelle but also all the note messages from the keyboard. Also, it seems the Organelle is sending gate-messages, rather than a steady 4/4. You can only imagine the kind of mess this results in when running Euclidian rhythms… :exploding_head:

So, how do I send clock without also sending note messages?


Orac is great for this bc you have separate settings for the clock that you can turn send/receive on or off. Each chain then has its own midi settings where you can decide which channel it sends notes on, or it can be turned off altogether I believe.

If you’re using standalone patches, I think each patch is different in terms of how it’s set up for MIDI. Best bet is to be more specific (what patch/patches are you using, what are your midi settings etc) and then someone who has more technical knowledge than I do will likely be better able to help you.

Thanks for the reply!
I’m actually using Orac and did some fiddling with the midi settings last night.
I read somewhere that one solution could be to have the organelle’s send and the brute’s receive set to different midi channels. So I tried setting the brute’s receive channel to 1 and the organelles send to 2. That way the brute would supposedly be getting clock but no note values. However that didn’t work at all. They wouldn’t communicate.

I’m gonna spend some more time on this tonight. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you changing the Midi settings from the Organelle settings menu, or from within orac? If using orac, this needs to be done within orac from the chain settings, and the clock settings.

Ok, so I’ve spent some more time with this tonight and really have no clue what’s going on inside these machines…

I’ve tried several different settings. First in Orac, enabling midi out in the clock settings, sending midi from Orac to the brute on the same channel via usb - nothing, via the M-Audio Uno - nothing. I tried sending midi on different channels, both via usb and Uno - nothing.

In my latest attempt I wanted to see what would happen if I reverse the connection, sending midi from the brute to the Organelle (via usb, the brute doesn’t have a dedicated midi out jack). I also decided to do a test on a C&G patch and loaded XY. So I switched the global midi settings and disabled midi out on the Organelle and matched the channels. Still no clock being transmitted between the units, and no notes either.

I don’t know if any of this info is helpful in diagnosing the problem, but maybe someone can give me some suggestions on what else to try.

Ok this might help you move forward: If your usb (M-Audio Uno) is plugged into organelle before you turn it on (it won’t work), you have to unplug and plug it again after you turn on the organelle, but BEFORE you load orac.
(If you don’t have it plugged in before powering on, I still think it needs to be plugged in before loading orac).

Thanks! I read about this in the manual the other day and have been making sure to reload the patches every time I switch cables :slight_smile:
I almost had a breakthrough last night when running the brute into Sequencer 3, where the brutes sequencer would jump every time I launched a sequence on the Organelle. That was it though. No sync.

One thing you can make note of: clock has nothing to do with channel settings, it’s kind of “its own thing”

Channels are for notes and cc messages and such - maybe this can help you to better troubleshoot

One thing that’s confusing to me - you said in original post that clock was being sent successfully, and the issue you were having was just that undesired notes were being sent. Can you try to re-create this because it seems that if you can figure this out, all you’d have to do is disable midi out on the channel that the brute is receiving on.