MIDI Foot Controller for Organelle?


Hey all,

Tried poking around but didn’t see any topics exactly like this so I figured I’d throw it out there: Does anyone have experience using a MIDI foot controller with the Organelle? Something like the Keith McMillen 12-Step, perhaps?

I’m guessing I could switch between sampler patches and melodic patches and have the 12-step assigned to keys in order to play melodic bass notes or trigger samples/loops with my feet. Does that sound right? I’m a MIDI n00b.


I bought a cheap MIDI foot controller on ebay and it works great. It only sends MIDI program changes but I have just written an abstraction that turns this into control changes but equally could send MIDI note ons, etc. That’s the beauty of Pd and the Organelle, you can write abstractions for it to do anything!


Sorry, I should elaborate further, you could then go on to make these messages do anything in a patch, anything that you could use the AUX button or any of the other maple keys, the patch just needs to be written to give you this functionality.


At some point I have to dive more into Pd and MIDI! This may be as good a time as any to start, if the 12-step doesn’t work as a plug-n-play device with Organelle. Thanks for responding!


I have a KM softstep I can try out if you like? Been meaning to hook it up for ages


If you get around to it, I’d love to know how it goes!


yep, works fine. :slight_smile:


Heck yeah - thanks for the info!!