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Hi everyone!
I’m quite new to midi, and I’m not sure if what I’m looking for is possible with the Organelle.
I can easily sync most Organelle patches with Logic using a midi over usb cable (I’ve got a M Audio USB Uno cable): I connect the midi out port of my soundcard (MOTU Ultralight) to the usb port of the Organelle, and Logic sends the clock out to the Organelle. I’m happy.

But what I’d like is to be able, while syncing my Organelle with Logic, to send at the same time MIDI out from the Organelle to my Juno 106, and then send midi from the Juno back to my DAW again to be able to record the midi sequence coming out from the juno.

How could I do that? Can the Organelle receive and send midi at the same time? Would I need
That would sum up like this:
Logic–> Organelle–>Juno 106 --> Logic.

Sorry for the noob question, and I hope I’ m clear enough!

You need more MIDI I/O; tricky as it’s DIN MIDI and USB MIDI
I can suggest, point to a direction but this is going way into ‘personal-preferences-territory”

This post reveals this USB-MIDI-USB

Simple yes… but attention to the patches how they behave, what they have implemented…

Hope this give some pointers :wink:

Hello! Thanks a lot!
I will investigate, because I’ve check the links and the thread, but still not manage to understand how to do it!
I guess I would have to choose one channel for Midi in and another for midi out, as I recall the Organelle send the notes out on Midi channel 2.

as @keymanpal really theres quite a few different ways to do it, depending on available cables/hardware :slight_smile:

but lets keep it real simple… and just extend what you have

so you currently have
Logic → MOTU → din-usb ->Organelle

make this bidirectional… by plugging in the other din… this is generally a useful setup , so you can record organelle midi

Logic <-> MOTU <-> din-usb <->Organelle

then buy another din-usb cable, then again, create a bidirectional connection (by plugin both din in/out in)

Organelle <-> din-usb <-> Juno

(you will need probably need a small usb hub, as you now need to usb ports on the Organelle)
so Organelle usbhub → din-usb x 2

then watch my video on ‘advance’ midi configuration…

you’ll need to watch it all to understand whats going on, but near the end I explain how I set up a ‘midi thru’, which is basically what you want…
you want to connect , you want:
Juno <->din-usb <-> Organelle <->din-usb<->logic

note: if you din-usb cable acts like mine (ive a midimate) , you’ll have to be careful which ‘ports’ to use for in and out
e.g. in 28:1 … you might find it needs to be :0 for one, and :1 for the other… depending on which din you have plugged into in and out

if you set up the routing correctly, actually this is not a requirement, as the routing is all done at a device level.
(though you will need to be careful you setup Logic not to echo its input to its output)

however, you might find it easier to use different channels initially, just to for it to clearer in your own mind.
you set set the input and output channels of the Organelle in midi setup… note: this is only for ‘defalult midi’ generated by mother.pd

this is the simple/cheap case, there are many other options, e.g. using midi routers, this might be a bit more efficient too, but probably a bit more expensive… and then you have to think about the setup.

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Hello Mark,

thanks a lot! I will dig into that!

Cheers to you and all this wonderful community!
Everytime I play live with the Organelle everyone is amazed!
This is a wonderful instrument.


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no logro que el logic toque los sonidos del organelle en el piano roll solo logro usar el organelle como controlador midi y el logic si lo reconoce pero no logro enviarlos mensajes midi del piano roll al organelle