Monitoring Audio Input via USB

I’m aware that the Organelle is a USB Host. I’m currently having a Model:Cycles and I would like to keep my setup as simple as possible (esp. when travelling), so I’d like to avoid a mixer. Is it possible to connect the M:C to the Organelle via USB and listen to both devices via the Organelles headphones out?

why not connecting the M cycles through the audio input of the organelle? that would be much simpler… (you would need a screen or ssh into organelle in order to replace the integrated audio input by an external usb soundcard and that might not even work without changing also organelle output…)
Leaving the usb just for midi you could sync (via usb midi) the machines and run sequencers in parallel, un-mute / mix / sample & process the M cycles audio through the organelle, etc…
Not all patches allow the incoming audio to pass through to the audio out (the solution it’s simply adding an [adc˜] to [dac˜] objects to any patch though…)
But if you look for a patch that has dedicated channels with insert & aux Fx to integrate external things inside the organelle along with sampling, synthesis, sequencing & Fx, you could take a look to S3rquencer: patches

@Servandob Thanks for the reply. Using the audio input might be an option indeed. My understanding was that patches could use that input in different ways (but you’ve already described a possible solution which I was not aware of). My main idea is to bypass anything and just monitor the M:C throught the Organelles audio out.