Controlling the Organelle M sending MIDI signal from a PC

Hi guys, First post here.
I am wondering if one can use the organelle the same way as it’s being shown in this video:
FL Studio | Controlling and Recording Hardware Synthesizers (MIDI Out Plugin)
I tried using an USB to MIDI cable and a TRS DIN MIDI cable(But accidentally got the type B, so of course it didn’t work) .
Thank you for reading :^)

yes you can do this kind of thing with the organelle.
you just need to use a patch that does what you want…
e.g. are you sequencing notes? or wanting to modulate CCs etc.

of course, if there isn’t a patch that does exactly what you want you easily write a PD patch thats does precisely what you want.

Thank you for answering, man!
Also, is this the right cable to buy? or the 3.5mm one?

It’s 3.5mm TRS A - this is in the organelle-m spec sheet/manual - no?

But your ‘usb to midi’ cable should also work.

Personally, I use usb midi as I’ve a midi hub and sequencer that both support usb and can then bridge to multiple midi din.