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I would love to hear from organelle folks who also have a monome or an ARC


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The monome is also the same width as the Organelle. so nice.

I have a QuNeo and was pretty excited about that until I realized there are no drivers for QuNeo on Linux. :frowning:

I have a current 128 monome.
Let me know if you want me to test anything.
Back at my studio from Wednesday.

I have a GS64 and a 256kit. Have not had time to use them with the organelle yet, but plan to make some patches!

i am having really slow performance with the help patches ;-(

Looks to be working nicely here:

I’ve used the older 40h (monome64) with the patch in the above video and it works pretty quickly and seemlessly, but I could only get it to play one note.

I could change the pitch of that one note, which was fun, but maybe not the fullest potential.

GREAT first start however and entirely possible I didn’t spend enough time to get the most out of it.

Would LOVE more love on this.

Organelle + Monome is a great pair! I use my Organelle as my main Monome host, as seen in the video posted by @KristofferLislegaard above.

It actually works more seamlessly for me than the Monome Aleph did for my use case as I’m more familiar with PureData and writing PD extensions in C than the Monome Aleph’s custom API.

I ported a basic grid sequencer (seen in the above video) and posted the patch on Patch Storage.

The process for this patch is in the thread:

Always room for improvements, especially around installing serialosc seamlessly.

re: @wo3

The monome is also the same width as the Organelle. so nice.

It’s so satisfying! The OP-1 is also the same width, it’s real nice to use those three together.

Here’s another video of a Monome in a setup with other gear, with the Organelle as the brain. (sorry, no sound). I use a Teenage Engineering OP-Lab as a midi/cv hub and router for the OP-1 and the Minitaur. You may not need need a USB hub for the Monome 64, as it gets enough power from the USB bus power, but the Monome 128 needs a powered hub for all the LEDs to light up.

Always room for improvements, especially around installing serialosc seamlessly.

It would be super awesome if we could install it the same way we install fluidsynth~ and firmware updates. Just load a patch and press the aux-button.

I would really like to get into making monome patches for the Organelle, but havn’t had time yet. If the install process gets easier I think that would make it more attractive to a lot of people who have been using it on traditional computers before.

Totally! I actually switched to that method recently, it’s in the latest Monome Step Sequencer Install patch. Anyone should feel free to use this as a base for installing SerialOSC for their own Monome patches.

After installation, you get a little light show on the Monome and the AUX LED to confirm it installed correctly.

Fantastic! I’ll get around to it soon!

new organelle and long time monome user here! also have an arc. looking forward to integrate them.

how are your pd skills?

I have a Monome 256 (I’ve had a 64 and 128 and caved to get the 256). I need to pull the trigger on an Organelle at some point though…

I’ve been trying to search to no avail, so thought I’d resurrect this thread to ask… has anyone actually made a Patch to use the Monome Arc with the Organelle? I sure would love to use those two together (my PD skills aren’t good enough to come up with one myself.)

We are preparing a set of them that will use ARC & Grids for use with Organelle
I have both and will be preparing the Pd portion, Kyle Werle will be doing the Graphics AI & Midi and Jeremy Wentworth will be doing the connective scripting


I have an ARC (old type) and interested to hook it up too. Any activity with this? best E