Launchpad users? Monome users? Tenori-On users? Request for patch ideas!

Anyone else using the launchpad with their Organelle / Pure Data? I took delivery of my Launchpad Mini at the weekend and am almost dizzy with the possibilities of how this can be used with the Organelle, I am thinking:

  • Preset management
  • Step sequencer
  • Visual feedback on metering / parameter values
  • Cycling through pages
  • Shift buttons
  • Sample launch buttons
  • Sample mangling

For those not in the know, the launchpad is an 8 x 8 grid of buttons which send MIDI note / cc data. The pads are not velocity sensitive.

The launchpad also receives note / cc data which control the colour and intensity of each of the buttons.

So… who’s got any ideas for Organelle patches?

  • Orac control - this is almost mandatory
  • Fun visual sequencer, ala Tenori-on?

I do have a Tenori-on and it has some fun visual modes. I also have an Akai APCmini, planning to use it with OG.

Ah yes, how could I forget?! In fact, thinking of when Orac gets modulation routing…:

  • A modulation matrix like the matrixbrute / or ems vcs 3

(dashes off to try this out…)


@josephbranciforte have made a huge work with his monome grid recently and it seems to be able to work with a launchpad. You should have a look on this: Serialosc/monome with Organelle?
What I really really hope (but can’t do myself right now) is a ORAC adaptation of the monome grid apps ( and being abble to plugged in a grid as sequencer within the orac environnment. I think with some skills those powerfull sequencers could be adapted to a launchad too.


Check the launchpad95 scripts for Ableton for inspiration.

And the isotonik max4live arcade series.


yeah, there is quite alot of inspiration around, monome, ableton push, deluge, circuit - so many grids with well thought out UIs.

the thing you have to decide is…
do you write patches for them? or do you write something more general that works with existing patches?

I tend to (for the most part) go for the later… (at least as the first step)

which means I do things like write a sequencers/scales as part of the ‘control layer’, that can then integrate with existing things … so if I were to do this on the Organelle/PD, Id probably put in the mother patch…
(this is not what Im actually doing, im putting it in MEC for push2, but thats because i want it abstracted away from the Organelle!)

the disadvantage, and why sometimes nice to create custom modules, is generic interfaces are generic… so you are able to integrate the UI with the patch as much…so sometimes you have to make ‘special versions’

its a fun topic, one thats in the back of my mind a lot… and funnily enough, ONDA brought it forward again, as that can in some ways be considered a one 1x16 grid :slight_smile:

as for grids usage - probably the thing I like most is having scale lighting, so setup as chromatic, but the pads show you whats in scale/key… I love this because it means Im far more likely to use a different key that when using a keyboard, just because it ‘breaks a habit’

sequencers, definitely… a basic step sequencers is great.
( though its a bit of a pity more grids are not 16x8 , which i think is better for sequencing)

… but again, a good visualisation on a grid can make polyrythms very easy to use.
I also quite like the ‘rain drop’ sequencers - in practice, these are basically polybeats, but easier to get an overview. (this goes down the route as keymanpal mentions of Tenori-on)

just one thing to mention when you start coding this… be aware when you start updating the grids leds, you can quickly end up sending a lot of midi data - so you need take a bit of care of this in the design phase, if you want the UI to feel responsive.
(also you’ll find some special calls for the launchpad to do things like setting lots of pad colours in one go - use them :wink: )

so yeah I think grids are great fun, and very flexible… definitely a good pair up with the Organelle.


Some great ideas and sources of inspiration here, many thanks!

So the monome speaks to the Organelle via OSC, is that right? I am assuming that I could therefore write an abstraction which lets the Launchpad understand OSC and then do a straight swap, allowing for a variation in grid size. That’s what I’m hoping anyway! Will check out the link, thanks!

Some of those arcade and generative sequencers look amazing. Gives me a thought… :smiley:

Good question. I am inclined to go for the former but do it in a modular way so I can add and remove functionality, maybe via a selection of scenes?

What do you mean by this? I suspect this is for the RGB Launchpad… (is it the pro?), on the Mini you set pad colours by sending notes of different velocities to the pads (or for the 8 along the top by sending CCs of a particular value). As far as I can tell there is no way to mass clear or colour the LEDs but I may be wrong (maybe a sysex control?).

I know I can test this on a practical level but curious… what is the theoretical bandwidth limit of MIDI? i.e. Will all 64 keys respond to the sending of a MIDI note concurrently? And if not, what happens in this case, do none light or are some omitted?

i agree. i think the monome apps are a wonderful addition
and i think the orcs system is a great idea that really is taking the frustration out of stuff for newer users to experiement.

For me i want the patches that i feel in love with on Max woring on pure data. I have been hedging around giving mac a rest for 1 year and focusing 100% on linux and that began last month. so i LOVE the organelle monome connection. I do think it’s kind of a right of passage that we get a MLR patch working 100% for Organelle/monome it would kind of give others a primer for usage.

I am trying to aggregate the years of pd/monome stuff right now but there seems like 10 or 20 starts that are not fully functional and i am trying to not repeat code

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This would be amazing!