Multi-sample player?

Hey Everyone,

The Mellowtron patch is the closest I know of, but does anyone know of any other multi-sampler plugins for the Organelle M?

I would just use the Mellowtron patch and change the samples, but there is one feature I feel it is missing: pitch shift interpolation between notes.

For example…

Upload samples C1, C2, etc…

---- C#1 shifted up from C1
---- D1 shifted up from C1
---- D#1 shifted up from C1
---- E1 shifted up from C1
---- E#1 shifted up from C1
---- F1 shifted up from C1
---- F#1 shifted down from C2
---- G1 shifted down from C2
---- G#1 shifted down from C2
---- A1 shifted down from C2
---- A#1 shifted down from C2
---- B1 shifted down from C2

If octaves are too much shifting, one could use every 5 notes, so for example…

---- C#1 shifted up from C1
---- D1 shifted up from C1
---- D#1 shifted down from E#1
---- E1 shifted down from E#1
---- F1 shifted up from E#1
---- F#1 shifted up from E#1
---- G1 shifted down from A1
---- G#1 shifted down from A1

Just thought I’d ask in case something like this already exists and I just didn’t see it anywhere.

We recently released the Cycler patch which kind of does what you’re asking for. You could load it up with tuned/detuned samples set to specific keys and it would cycle between them:

More here:

Hey Chris, thanks for the quick response.

Cycler and Sampler Style almost does what I am looking for (essentially half), and then your other patch Tapey does the other part I was looking for.

Cycler/Sampler Style = different samples per key

Tapey = pitch shifting a sample across the keys

So basically a patch where you can put a few samples like Cycler where each sample is note specific and the notes without samples are pitch shifted inbetween like Tapey.

I guess I should maybe learn PD so I can dive into the C&R patches to see if I can somehow combine them!

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Hey everyone,

I have difficulties running the Cycler on my Orgnalle. It’s a version 2.1, and when I try to run it the patch stays at 'loading samples :slight_smile: '. Indidn’t change the sample folders, just downloaded and installed it.
Has anyone experienced the same problem?