Chromatic sampler wanted

Hello! I really would like to have the possibility to sample sounds and play them cromatic on the keyboard. Like with the wonderful patch “Tapey” but I would love to have it without the speed shifting to make the notes higher or lower. Would be wonderful to be able to sample also short rythmical sound and play them on the keyboard without them being shorter and faster as higher note you play.
Wouldn´t that be possible to do? I have this possibility on my Nord Electro but it would be so convinient to be able to do it on the organelle.
That is my most wanted patch…really love the possibility to record your own sound and play them cromatic but Tapey just don´t work on short sounds.
So if someone don´t have anything to do and really wish to do such a patch I would be so very happy!

I would take a look at this patch Grampler. It has a 2 second recording buffer and uses granular synthesis to playback samples.

You could also do some looking into how you could incorporate a loop region section to Tapey if you like how it functions and are open to learning Pure Data. Most samplers will pitch audio to change the speed unless there is a complicated warping algorithm behind it which would probably be very difficult to implement in Pure Data. Setting loop regions at zero crossings to avoid clicks in your sample would be good but it would probably take a bit of work to implement with shorter rhythmic sounds. You may also want to look into the line~ object and how envelopes work if you’re doing it yourself. Otherwise you could probably commission a patch with these features if you so desire

Thanks for you answear! Installed Grampler (somehow I never seen it before) and it is great for doing own nice sound. As Tapey and some other but different.
Still not really what I am looking for though, but I think you realised that.
I have no idea how a sampler that can record one note form another instrument and and then redo it and spread it out cromatic over the whole keyboard works but as said it is possible on my Nord Electro but with a computer program to make the file for the Nord. So for example just record a Xylophon tone and then have it spread out cromatic over the keyboard with the same lenght as the original, just different notes. I also thinks that op1 and some others have that possibility, like automatic.
I unfortunately have no idea about programming or about how such sampler works. Also really no time in my life now to learn and fiddle around with Pure Data although it is tempting. Actually the reason to how I endend up with an organell was just because Tapey and the similar patches although they don´t brought me the hole way it was enough to motivate for the buy wich turned out to be one of my best buy ever. Such a machine! Just a few of the patches pay of for it.
As a side point I had a TC Helicon Perform-VE first and it worked flawless to sample cromatic and make it sounds as the original but strange enough just on voices…didn´t reacted at all on other sounds…

The most basic way of changing sample playback pitch is just by speeding up or slowing down a sample and its very cheap and easy. To adjust a samples pitch and keep it the same length is a little bit more costly and complicated. Currently I don’t think there is a sampler for Organelle that does this

I was doing some looking into the timeStretch~ external to expand or compress the length of the sample and when used in conjunction with the normal playback speed trick could maybe produce results you’re looking for. However, if you’re not wanting to learn the ins and outs of Pure Data to make this, you may be out of luck unless its something others are wanting and it will probably be a good amount of work. If you are wanting this patch, shoot me a PM and we can maybe discuss a commission

I actualy just found out that the patch “phase vocoder” is very close to what I am searching. It doing a recorded sound cromatic without changing the tempo of the recorded sound (a sound like f.e “ratatatatata” it will have the same tempo on all notes).
It should just need two or three small tweeks to meet the criteria of what I am looking for:

  • Turn of the autoplay so that it just play the samples when a key is pressed
  • Turn of the autorepeat of the sample that is played when a key is pressed, the sample should just be played once for every pressing of a key.
  • If possible it would be really nice with some polyphony, to be able to do three or four notes chord would be great.

Wouldn´t that be possible to do? To me it lookes like the two first wishes would just be to turn of something, like turning of the “autoplay” (latch) that you can do on a lot of other patches. Then just turn of the repeating of a key.
But again, I have no idea of programming unfortunately. Just really think that would be a ultimate patch.

How much would you be able to offer for that patch?

I really have no idea what would be a realistic sum for such work. I just have free shared patches until now. It seems like a lot of people like to do those patches. I can see that if I order a custom work from someone, like you Servandob, I have to pay something. Or swap with something. But I also think such a patch would be of waste intrest for a lot of people if they just thought about it. I also think that the Organelle really would add to its value a lot if there was such an patch as one of the standardpatches. The tapey was the patch that made me discover and buy an Organelle at the first place.

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As I mentioned in the group in facebook, for most sounds. most people will prefer a regular sampler with an overlapped envelope (like s3rquencer). and the phase vocoder most likely is gonna take much more cpu than even a stereo sampler… But I might take a look in the next puredata circle to see if there is any real advantage to having a phase vocoder sampler…
I definitely want to make a timestretched loop playing system for myself (ableton style).
So maybe something comes up. I will keep you tuned if so.

I’m also interested in this! I remember doing a tutorial in Max where this was easily accomplished, but I’m curious how it would work in pure data. I might be willing to give it a try if someone could point me in a little bit of the right direction.

Personally I kind of like making separate samples when I want a chromatic sample instrument, and putting them into a Sampler24 style sampler. I even sometimes take a handful of notes evenly spread out from an instrument, and then pitch each one up and down to fill in the gaps in Ableton until I have 24 chromatic notes. I find I get a more interesting sample instrument this way than if I just had the same sample pitched and timestretched.

Sorry if this last bit is off topic, but does anyone know why so many samplers on the organelle seem to cut off the initial transient?

Yes, separate samples on different notes from another instrument is sure nice if you really want to put that time down on it, I do that sometimes for my Nord Electro. But to be able to just record a sound and play it cromatic on the Organelle is something else and a much faster and intuitive way to be creative, you don´t need to stop your creative process to do a new sound for the project you are working on and that is what I want. Really hope someone could tweak f.e phase vocoder to be able to be able to fast record a sound and play it cromatic without any timestretch of it. Some polyphony would be nice too. Looks like that new little colorful toy Chumpi have that possibility so why shouldn´t Organelle be able to do it?

you are being tricked by an overlapping envelope in Chompi (or a looping sampler). (or maybe the fx…) you can’t do good sounding timestretch / phase vocoding in a microcontroller. period… I watched (and listened) the video too and I don’t know where you got the impression that the audio doesn’t change its duration when being pitchshifted… Just go the video in this time and listen carefully:
It even says Speed control!!. (while modifying pitch at the same time. what a surprise…)

Yes, you´re right I see. But why isn´t it possible to do time stretching combined with pitch shifting on an organelle? I mean they did such things back in the 90:s on rack samplers, Even the Fairlight from the 80:s could do it. The Korg microsampler is a newer example (2009). Is the computer in Organelle so much weaker or is it something else that makes the problem? Would it be possible if it was just monophonic or 2 tones polyfony?

…and “Phase Vocoder” obvious can do it. There the pitch will be cromatic placed out on the keyboard without changing the speed of what you hear so there must be some time stretching automatically going on I guess. Would that be possible to do it just with some polyphony or is that to much for the “enginge”? Seems to me that “phase vocoder” might just need some small tweaking to make with some poyphony. The stop of the sound when no keys are pressed can´t be to hard I guess?