Hi everyone,

I’m seriously considering to get an Organelle. What a beautiful and versatile device! But the reason I still doubt has to do with its output possibilities.

This is what I want to do:

  • To create a PD patch with 8 separate outputs.
  • A multichannel interface (like esi gigaport) hooked up
  • Having output-control with my bcf2000 through its faders.

Is there a way to do this without changing the standard configuration ?
And if not: How can you change this then? To be honest: I find this a bit tricky cause I don’t want to loose the programmed information .

Many thanks

assuming your audio interface is supported by the linux kernel used then there is no issue, you can use that as an alternative audio interface for PD running on the Organelle.

then as with standard PD, you can address all the audio outputs.

Im not entirely sure what you mean by this… so i can only give some examples

with OS3.0 you can make it such either all patches use your alternative audio interface, or just some patches.
so your organelle can also work ‘normally’ without the audio interface as well (if thats your concern)

obviously to add multi channel output, your going to have to add something to a patch… as it’d be pretty boring, to just spread stereo output over 8 channels (though possible of course).
exactly what your doing to do this, will determine how much you could do this within the patch code , and how much you might put in a special mother.pd’, that might be shared across all patches.

so basic answer is… it should work, and no you dont really have to re-configure organelle, but you will have to add additional configuration info, and update patches to do something ‘reasonable’

notes for OS 3.0:
so to change your audio interface, you can create a file called pd-opts.txt , this can contain additional command line arguments, which in your case will select a different audio interface.
you will also potentially need to consider buf sizes/sample rates depending on your audio interface, and patch.


Hi @thetechnobear, this is very useful !! Thanks a lot