Changing Default Audio to External Audio Interface

I’m trying to figure out how to set my Expert Sleepers ES-8 as the default audio input and output for the Organelle. I can successfully change it (and it works!) when I have it open in the preferences in PD with a screen and mouse/keyboard hooked up, but when I click Save All it gives me the message /root/.pdsettings: Read-only file system and goes back to the default onboard DAC when I change to a different patch. Haaaaalp.

if you install my beta (or wait for the upcoming release) then you can add command line options to a file called pd-opts.txt , this needs to be placed in /usbdrive/System

see here:

your want something like:
-audiodev 6,2

sorry it will be different for your card, and i dont know and easy way for you to work this out.
(i only know how to do it from the command line)

let me know how you make out with it
I have an ES-40/ESX8GT/ESXCV/ES7 Setup and a FaderHost in my 12U and i would love to see what transpires.

Are you using a External audio card or is the ES8 all in one now?

@shreeswifty , the way to work out what the hardware is called, is to remount-sh, start Pd , change your audio device and save Pd settings

then look at .pdsettings , copy to pd-opts.txt

Then change back to default sound card in Pd, save and do

Now you that Pd-opts file whenever you want to switch audio interfaces… if you want permanently put in System, but you can also put in a patch directory , if you want it for one patch.

( the issue is, I think the hardware string might be different for different hardware, but not sure I’ve not tried)

Awesome, thanks so much! I’m going to give it a whirl now.

I was close to selling it because I was just using my computer for Pure Data and Max and the Organelle was just gathering dust, but I recently started down the Eurocrack route and bought an ES-8. I had intended to use it with my laptop but then had the epiphany of using the Organelle as a limitless CV/Gate source (as well as doing some audio stuff too) and be able to just have an all in one device thats not the computer. So far I’ve only had time for some basic patching and its worked beautifully, but I’m excited to dive into it more!

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When I try to remount-sh is says “command not found”. I’m suppose to be typing this into the terminal screen (i think thats what it is called) on the Organelle itself correct? I also don’t see a System folder in my USB. Is it hidden somehow?

sorry, I meant
~/scripts/ , to allow files to be written
~/scripts/ , to make the filesystem read only again (or just shutdown the organelle, it will be read only again, when restarted)

System folder, you’ll have to create
mkdir /usbdrive/System

I’ve had success changing my default settings using the steps described here, but if I copy my modified .pdsettings from /root to either /usbdrive/System or /usbdrive/Patches/[my_patch] as pd-opts.txt it doesn’t work. More specifically, if I place the file in /usbdrive/System, none of my patches load, and if I place it in a patch-specific directory, that patch alone won’t load. Again, this is an exact copy of .pdsettings which itself works.

When I say “it doesn’t work” what I mean is that when I try to load the patch with the modified settings, the Organelle locks up. The LED screen stops updating and I get no response from Organelle knobs or keys. If I’m in X windows I can still use the mouse and keyboard to quit back to the command line, in which case the Organelle recovers. Any thoughts on what might be happening here?


I’d did not say copy pdsettings !
I said the command line reference (I supplied link) can tell you what to add - it’s a different format file to the command line.

I see, that’s clear now - thanks for the comment! How do the additional settings specified in a patch directory interact with settings specified in /usbdrive/System/pd-opts.txt and with .pdsettings? Do patch-level settings override the same parameters in .pdsettings, or does the presence of a pd-opts.txt file cause .pdsettings to be completely disregarded?

Only overrides settings you specify, others are taken from pdsettings