Implementing midi thru

I modified the mother.pd patch to allow midi go through the organelle midi in to the midi out to control another synth.
I just added midiin object directly connected to midiout object.
Now i’m able to play on organelle and my other synth both.
The only problem is that midi sync is not working. (I use them connected to ableton)
It looks like sysex messages are not going from midin to midiout.
Any suggestions?


Try adding midirealtimein connected to a midiout. The midirealtimein object will input the sync signals which get dropped by the midiin object.

Yes it works!!

thank you!

Hi that’s good to hear! This way i think i can sell my Beatstep pro. :wink:

but why isn’t that command in the list of in built Pure Data commands?

…still a lot to learn.

Hey! I’m trying to do the same thing, to use a AKAI mpk49 to control the organelle and also an elektron A4 (all connected to a usb hub)
I’m new at PD, could you be a bit more specific about how you pulled it off, or could you upload the modified mother.pd?

Hi Bursz i attach my version of mother.pd
mother.pd (17.3 KB)

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thanks! now how did you save the new mother patch?
the folder is read only

Put mother.pd inside usb “Patches” folder

whats happening now is that either the AKAI works or the A4 works
the A4 works controlled by the organelle
or the AKAI works controlling the organelle
i’m a bit lost

Hi bursz i think i have a different setup than yours.
I use a usb-midi adapter to connect the organelle to a hardware synth (midi out) and to a soundcard for ableton live (midi in).
I don’t know how you can set midi in and out in a usb hub configuration, sorry.

Are the AKAI and A4 both USB devices? The Organelle only deals with 1 USB MIDI device at a time…

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that explains everything

thanks for the help :slight_smile:

hmm, page 17 of the organelle manual implies otherwise…

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That is a good catch, we’ll have to update the manual because that is misleading.

You can in fact connect multiple MIDI devices, but in the current version of the operating system the Organelle launches Pd with the first MIDI controller attached for both input and output. Pd can support multiple MIDI devices (one for input and output), but you have to configure it manually for this. Fire up the GUI and go to MIDI settings in the Media menu to configure this.

It works!

Is there anyway of storing the midi settings?

Yes you can save the settings… but requires typed a command in terminal. The settings are stored on the root filesystem which is locked. First you need to put it in read/write mode. Open a terminal by clicking the icon on bottom left of screen. Then type:


Now in Pd go to File -> Preferences -> Save all settings. Then you can lock the device back to read only mode:


Now it should always work, but it might depend on which order you plug the MIDI devices in. The MIDI device list is a little funky in Linux / Pd, which is why we defaulted to one device. Lemme know how it works!

What about using an Organelle as a MIDI CC sequencer?

Here’s what I have in mind:

AUX button - send MIDI start/stop command
Knobs 1-4 - mapped to specific MIDI CC #'s
Keys - used for bank selection (e.g. lowest key sets knobs 1-4 to transmit CC #'s 20-23, the next key sets the knobs to transmit CC #'s 24-27, etc.)
record key - one key assigned to toggle the recording of knob movements on/off
erase key - one key assigned as a momentary control so that holding down this key while moving/pressing a knob in a particular knob bank will erase any recorded knob movements corresponding to the assigned MIDI CC)
reset key - one key assigned as a momentary control to return the patch to its initial (clear) state

I would like to be able to edit the patch to specify the particular MIDI CC # assigned to each knob in each knob bank.

I own a number of MIDI hardware devices for which I would like to do realtime recording of parameter changes.

Is it possible for a patch to be created to accomplish what I have described above?

Looking at this old msg and I see sone clues regarding something I want to do, which is to modify the incoming midi note #'s and send out the modified # to a different synth. Basically to remap midi notes.

Is modifying mother.pd still necessary in OS4?

@oweno Is this still the solution on the current firmware? Im having a setup that necessitates chaining devices together. Im gonna poke around and see if I can get this solution to work for me. :slight_smile:

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