Multiple patches running at the same time

I know this has already been discussed in several different threads, but I’d like to ask @chrisk realistically what are the chances that it might ever be implemented?

The more I use the organelle, the more I wish I could have another one so I could create whole songs with it. Being able to run multiple patches would make that possible with just one unit which would obviously be preferable, especially to my wallet! :grin:

I wonder if it could be looped into itself; Organelle output to a loop pedal, into its’ own input, and then output to an amp?

I don’t think so, that would imply being able to route different signals to the left and right outputs…

As much as I would like the same thing, it seems like it would be extremely difficult to run multiple patches at once because it would be quite frustrating to switch between thm in a reasonable amount of time. The Organelle might need an extra button or two that was dedicated to switching between patches for this to work…

Ooooo now you got me brain storming. I suppose someone could make a patch for using multiple patches that has a ‘combo code’ to switch between the patches. As an example, if the user holds down the selector switch and then hits the Aux button it switches to the next patch. The switch patch could let you select 3 patches to load up simultaneously. It sounds like Critter & Guitari would need to alter the operating system to do that though.

The issue that brings up, though, is the difference in volume between patches, which could be a pain in the ass to remedy. And, the load on the cpu.

I feel like I’ve wrote patches so many times it’s starting to lose its meaning…

Yeah, honestly I think it would be very tricky with the current hardware to do this. But it’s a pity because that would open a whole new world of possibilities.
I’ve been looking at the TE OP-1 and the way it can have multiple sounds running at the same time, record them and sample itself is pretty amazing, it’s something that I hope future versions of the organelle could incorporate.

True dat! the OP-1 looks rad, but it has it’s own limitations that the organelle does not. I went back and forth between the two before settling on the organelle because of the limitless ability to modify and create sound in just about anyway you can dream up. The OP-1 reminded me of a mini, physical version Ableton.

Definitely, the Organelle is much more versatile than the OP-1, no question about it. But there are some neat features on the OP-1 that could make the Organelle even better in the future, hope the guys from Critter & Guitari incorporate some of those ideas for the Organelle 2! :smiley:

I hope the Organelle 2 comes out at the same time as the OP-2 :slight_smile:

I think a purpose built control expander would be dreamy. It could be something like this, but anodised blue abviously, with led’s under knobs indicating control type within each patch and changeable in PD. It could also have some buttons for global organelle controls and quick accessing menus.