Organelle thoughts

Hi everybody,
I’d like to share some thoughts regarding the organelle dev.
What really attracts me on the organelle is the potential to create new unexplored sounds
and to experiment with.
At the moment I have a list of 5 favourite patches all of them coming form the initial patch list
organelle came with.

I’d like to see if possible old patches developing more, like adding a filter or/and looping on the sampler patches.
But I would also like me being able to do that, I guess that is a long pd journey.
I tried a few of the new patches but the ones I like are the work in progress ones! so not very stable…
I also had this idea of combined patches (i.e sampler and looper part of the same patch but in different pages) possible?

Thanks again everyone helping in the development of the organelle, really really appreciated.

Thanks for these thoughts. One of the things we’ve been working with lately is retooling some of the older patches to make them more modularized so that they can be easily combined. This fits in nicely with having multiple pages just like you mention: page for recording samples, page for looping them, page for effects, etc…

We’ll be putting some stuff out there in the coming weeks. Let us know what kind of ‘combo’ patches you think would be cool!


Thanks @oweno, i’ll get back to this once I’m back from my travelling. Need to put some though re combo patches!
but something like a sampler combined with a simple sine wave synth will be great.

Some ideas regarding improving old patches :
direct monitoring on samplers
looping samples
add mixing page on samples patches

Also something like splitting the keyboard in half to serve different functions?
Thanks again!