Mutable Instruments Grids on Organelle


There, that solves it.


Just playing with it using your test patch Marc, pretty nice :slight_smile:

But I wonder what the last 3 inputs are for on the Grids? I tried connecting a fader to the first and the second of the last 3, but PD froze when I moved the fader and I had to restart it.

Maybe left over outputs from development?


Who’s Marc?

Have a look at the code:

The grids module can operate in two modes normal mode and euclidien sequencer mode. The external also allows this, but whereas the physical module reuses the same inputs, the external provides three more. You set the mode by sending a negative number to first inlet (look it up in the code). Using both sets of inlets for the two modes at once may result in unspecified behavior, since that is not possible with the physical module.

I admit I wasn’t terribly interested in the euclidien mode and I don’t remember testing it extensively, so there may also be problems with it. In any case, implementing a euclidien sequencer as an external is overkill. It would a good patching exercise to patch one together in pd.



@thetechnobears name in real world is Mark.

Ah yes, I see the last 3 inlets are name, thanks:

Kick Euclidean length
Snare Euclidean length
Hihat Euclidean length

So they set the length of each rhythmic part when In Euclidean mode? I am assuming that euclidean mode is automatically turned on when you move one of the faders to a negative value? And goes back to normal mode when set to zero again?

@thetechnobear I just read you post on Mutable page about making all of the MI externals available for other platforms too. Are you still planing to do this at some point?



All good, but I made that patch :wink:

As I said above, euclidien mode is set by sending the appropriate negative
number to the first inlet (see the code, I think it’s -1 or -2).





yes, buts its a low priority, as its not something i need for any of my own projects.

#68 (4.5 KB)
rock on

Overview of Organelle Patches Wiki

not an organelle patch but examples of euclidean just so you know


Thanks @shreeswifty I will check it out :slight_smile:

All ready have a couple of them, they are pretty cool


Hers a modification of the Grids patch by @spoitras. Now you are able to add randomised panning to each of the three Samples. Enjoy!

Page 2

  • Map X
  • Map Y
  • Chaos
  • Panning Off <–> On (NEW)

Panning (49.4 KB)

You might need to change my samples (bd.wav, hat.wav, snare.wav) in the folder :slight_smile:


Most rad! Cheers man!