My C+G video experiments

I’ve been making electronic music for longer than I care to admit at this point, and have used C+G video devices live since I first discovered them. First the Rhythm Scope, and then later the ETC. More recently, I acquired a Video Scope, and have fallen further down the rabbit hole of video synthesis and processing… still heavily making use of the C+G devices for all of their simplicity and capability.

I’m starting a thread to share some of my experiments. The first is using my Polyend Tracker to control the ETC using MIDI… which was then output to a 13" cheapo flat monitor, which I also captured with a really terrible and cheap HDMI capture card thing. I then overlaid it and played about with it for the following video which I’m fairly pleased with…

The next video makes liberal use of the video scope. I did three takes of this and combined them in post. The first two were routing just the bass into the video scope from my DAW and manually adjusting the ‘sensitivity’. Then the third I just left on a static pattern but used a video camera pointed at my eye and ‘dirty mixed’ the two signals to get some glitches… as well as video feedback. I played this back and recorded it all on a CRT TV.

For some older videos, here’s a Digitakt jam using the ETC for visuals:

and a video where I explain the MIDI implementation. I think I was one of the first outside of C+G who put one of these together when it came out originally:

Next experiments will involve controlling the ETC with things like my OP-Z, and running the various bits and pieces through video processing units. One day I’d love to grab one of the newer EYESY boxes, and one of the older black and white videoscopes to complete the lineup. I’ll share other things as I get/make them!