Video Scope, Rhythm Scope and Black & White Video Scope Patches for the ETC

Since the Video Scope, Rhythm Scope and Black & White Video Scope are no longer available. Are the patches for these cool modules available for the ETC?


I’ve wondered this myself. This video demos a fair number of the modes in all 3 devices, although quickly.

It looks like some of the modes are already replicated as ETC modes. The Rhythm scope in particular looks very familiar. The reckies ETC mode, and the vertical or horizontal sine wave modes look like adaptations of these devices, for example. But some of the other modes (with lots of static/noise) might not be as possible with Pygame. I bet a version of vertical line mode that draws lots of the lines instead of one would be a cool approximation. The one I’d really like to play with is the one that looks like a Fibonacci sequence, both the on the Rhythm Scope and BW Video scope. That looks like fun.

I would love to get a hold of the Video Scope and B&W Video Scope. If C&G were to make another run of them, I’d buy them in a heartbeat.

I have a Geiskes Oscillatoscope 2 and it looks like it works similarly to some of the more analog noisy modes on the Video Scope. It also has a few patch points and outputs sound as well as composite video. It is the simplest of my video synths, but one of the most fun to play. You might enjoy one.

two more demos on YouTube:

Video Scope

C&G’s own video split screen all 3 devices

That second video makes more actually more interested in the B&W Video scope than the color version. It could be really fun to run thru video feedback or colorize with a Vidiot or similar device.