New 201 Colors Available!

Now in black, blue, pink, and yellow!

Order today:


Dang… yall gonna offer maybe just the shells to swap out? The backers got stuck with the boring grey color. If i had known i probably would’ve waited to be honest.


It would be cool if the colored shells could be sold to existing customers. I guarantee ya I’d buy at least two.

C&G would get more uptake on that revenue than by offering a discount to existing customers to buy a second 201.


Love the new colors! Like others here, would love to swap out the enclosure, but I would settle for stickers to replace the silkscreened images on the front in case I try and paint it myself. :wink:

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bonjour bonjour !

These new colors are so cool ^^
Do you plan to supply some to certain European suppliers? ( like thomann? )

A bientôt !