Nori sampler modifications

Hi guys!
New to Organelle and this forum too :slight_smile:

I’ve been having fun with Nori Sampler, and I was wondering if someone with Pd knowledge would be up to do this tweaks to it:

  • stereo sampling
  • replace the mod with a dry/wet signal (being wet the full stereo input)

Sorry if this is a no sense, i’m completely new :slight_smile:


Already modded the Nori Sampler
it’s floating around here

Yes you did Pat
I’m actually about to load it up for the first time myself

Hope I linked that right

I hadn’t read this, does it mean you modded it with the things I ask for?


it means it serves as a place for you to start and it does some of the things you are interested in
PM me if you want a specific mod. But please be aware that many of the awesome C&G patches are constructed to do something VERY well and often [and i’ve been modding and changing them for about a year] the answer is to do a NEW patch that incorporates the elements or the things you like with pure data.
FOr example : Everyone used to immediately say. Oh i’m going to change that loop length to a minute instead of 5 seconds and yes the change is easy but the results are less than desirable.

Things that ARE in the mod. you can sample anything in and there is a full adsr on the stream. but what does that really mean it means the patch has been modded for future modifications. Many of the C&G examples excel because they have drilled down to ONE or two essential features that really are amazing and then we look at these and think well Now i want to make it a full workstation [exaggerating of course] and we get discouraged.

I guess what i am really saying is that the key to the organelle is opening up the patches you like in/on your desktop and reverse engineer them and see what you like and how it’s done. If you have no clue and do not care how they work you can always hunt for patches that will satisfy some of your desires. Or commission for exact things you want – either way just remember The answer often with pd is YES