New C&G Organelle Patches

organelle-m v3.2

organelle-1 v3.1

(my beta were prior to release, so removed once the code is released officially)

anything else you might have seen, must have been a mirage :wink:

This is all pretty confusing. What is going on w/ the manual showing unreleased / older versions?

@healthylives We just released a new version of OS:

got it, very cool!!

We fixed a bug that @jani found with storing loops. Thanks @jani !

Newest version is here:

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New Patch: Chordi

Make chords from recorded samples and then loop a customizable four-chord progression. Modify sample playback, add delay or filter, edit the chord sequence, and record new samples.


good to see you back guys
This patch looks really nice

Can’t seem to record any sound in chordi, When going to the record menu and selecting a slot, it never says it’s armed. Could it be because I’m using an Organelle one running the OS previous to 4.0. ( 3 something? Can’t remember right now).

How to do the OLED Screenshots?

Hi! It’s in the mother.pd file. More here:

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New Patch: Zample

A keyboard sample player with four samples arranged in a 2-D grid. A playhead crossfades between the samples as it is moved by separate LFOs on each axis. Record your own samples. Create sequences.


this looks super cool!! thank you :pray:

Love it, especially at low lfo rates. It also got me thinking, is there a patch like this but for audio in with four fx instead of samples? Chaos on the lfos could be neat too. Super patch though C&G!! :smiley:


Hi guys, i can’t enable recording with Zample, i’m using organelle 1 and i’m pressing the right buttons. What can it be?

Just replied to your other post.

Hey, nice patch. Love it! The recorder screen is new, isn’t it? It seems different. Is it possible to use it with previous nice patch as well? I mean the recorder module?

very nice! kind of wavestate! : ) thank you!

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Am I the only one who never managed to get the sequencer to start in the Chordi patch?

(Edit: Also ‘Zample’ patch)

Can others test? Internal BPM is adjustable, but the BPM displayed to the bottom right is stuck at 0BPM and doesn’t respond the Ableton Link either.

Using Organelle 1 and have tried redownloading and reinstalling already.

Still a cool patch, but missing it’s most valuable aspect for me.

Hi Wannop, I had the same kind of problem. Some functions in the patches with new menu layout did not worked until i updated to OS 4 on my Organelle 1. Maybe you have to update the OS too!

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Two new Organelle patches! 4wave & 4waveFM are waveform blending synthesizers with oscilloscopes.
Also available as Orac modules!

Get the stand-alone patches: Organelle Patches

Get the Orac modules: 4wave; 4waveFM