New C&G Organelle Patches

thanks for the info

Man, so many great new patches lately! The more I use them, the more I feel one organelle isn’t enough… :confused:


Hi guys, new here. Some patches of mine (or modifications of other people’s) on patch storage I think some would enjoy:

PD grids but with samples, effects, and more

6 voice wavetable synth w/ effects, audio in processing, and randomize patch feature

Older version of above synth, with random waveforms for each voice

Original version, simpler which is good sometimes:

C&G Arpeggio Synth but with wavetables and reverb

Weird sound mangler/looper - take little chunks and pitch it , play on keyboard

basic drum slicer/break beat thingy with reverb

I have a few more almost ready, including a really out-there guitar/effect processor I’m pretty excited about.
Thanks to everyone on this forum and others who I’ve learned everything from


These are amazing, I’ve been using some of them a lot. Keep’em coming! :slight_smile:

In case people didn’t catch it, new C&G patch release on!
Much potential for wildness and weirdness here! It’s super good for rhythmic drum mangling :smiley:

all my patches currently based around the work I’m doing on MI modules, I post there

quite a few now… and a new one today , called Warped Braids :slight_smile:


@Wannop Thanks for posting the link to the Distributor patch!

We also made an unofficial version with more features (swing control, sample decay, and delay control):

Here’s a demo video of the original Distributor:


New Patch! Jeraphy!

Jeraphy is a sample looping patch for the Organelle. Loop samples in/out of sync with each other for different results. Choose from many rhythmic or non-rhythmic launch settings, change the speed of samples, apply a filter, change the decay of samples, add reverb. Use the default samples to jam through different beats and chords, or load your own samples to see how far the patch can go. Download from

Here’s a demo!


Now this looks right up my street! Holy moly. I haven’t even tried it yet but this looks like a contender for favourite organelle patch.

haha, I’m feeling alike!

New: LFO Delay effect patch!

Two delay lines controlled by independent LFOs, a sequencer to automate delay time ratio and feedback, a maximum delay time control and a dry/wet control. Use this effect for an evolving chorus/flanger or go wild with drastic delay bends. Freeze an LFO by turning its rate down for a sustained delay time.
Download here:


Last patch of 2017! Thank you for a great year everyone!

New: Partial Party: Track the pitch of the input and synthesize a new sound. You can control the partials in the new sound, select synth waveform, transpose it, and mix it with original.

Download here:


thank you @chrisk for the inspirational patches , have a great holiday, and best wishes for 2018

Sooooo rad. What technobear said!

@Wannop & @thetechnobear - thanks! The patches and videos are definitely a team effort and I will make sure they know you like them!

Also @thetechnobear, the work you put into the new OS is amazing. Thank you for all you did!

Happy 2018!


Additive Synth: First C&G Organelle Patch of 2018 is here! Download at
Stay warm!


Wowza. Beautiful bass sounds here - not had a look inside the patch yet but hopefully some of the internal synth parameters relating to the presets are in some way accessible for modulation :smiley:

LFO Delay! Cool patch, really fun tweaking away (away…away…away):

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Here’s a demo video of the Additive Synth patch featuring a custom patch for the ETC. Download Additive Synth from!


CZZ-Multi patch now available! Synthesizer with controls for amplitude, pulse width, and tone envelopes! Uses the new graphics capabilities in OS 3.0 to display the envelopes on the OLED screen as you adjust them. CZZ-Multi has a sequencer controlled by the Aux button too.
Get it from !