New Colors!

Announcing a color refresh for the Organelle M! It is now available in two colors:

To celebrate, we explored Staten Island with the new colors. Thanks for taking a look/listen!

The light grey has a matte finish. The ABS bottom is black:

The blue has been updated with a matte finish too: The ABS bottom is still white:


Is it possible to order just a matte case to “upgrade” the existing shiny blue one? I like the blue, but I prefer the matte finish of the original Organelle.

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I really like the matte blue! Good job C&G :slight_smile:

I like the grey and black :slight_smile:
( funny on my phone it’s looking more cream than grey )

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It depends what type of paint they have used for the new colours. The blue on the new O M looks so cheap and plasticky, compared to the original Blue metallic, which gave it a classic feel.


Both look super cool… Can I upgrade just the case? Haha