Organelle is not booting anymore :-(

Hey guys,

my organelle m is not turning on when I switch the on button. Its getting stuck in the process of booting and I don’t know what to do. Any ideas? It happened from one moment to the other and I never had problems with it before.


probably sdcard corruption?. try flashing a new OS into a new microsd card, replace (being careful about not dropping the sdcard inside the organelle) and boot again. good luck!


the oled display is not working. Does anyone know how to change it for a new one?


I’m having this problem, too. I’ve had the Organelle M for a few months, but only this week have taken it out of the box and started trying to learn everything, having read ~1/4 of the manual so far. All working fine yesterday.

This morning, when I attempted to turn on, the LED light comes on immediately. It is sort of blue/green, but really looks like all colors, and is not bright. That’s all that happens.

I removed the batteries, and used the power adaptor that came with the Organelle M. Same result.

This is not welcomed news. Less than 3 hours of use with kid gloves.

Hi @majwilsonlion

Your situation sounds like the microSD card (where the OS is located) needs to be reseated:

  1. Please power down the Organelle
  2. Locate the thin slit in the rear of the enclosure (above ‘Critter’)
  3. Use a pin or paperclip to press in on the black SD card and it will spring out gently. No need to fully remove it from the Organelle.
  4. Once ejected, please reinsert it. (If you fully removed the card make sure it does not fall in the enclosure). You will have to use the same pin/paperclip to press it in until you hear/feel a ‘click’
  5. Restart the Organelle

Let me know how it goes.


thx, Chris: You must think you’re clever! :slight_smile: I had started the whole flasher program, following the 7.1 manual instructions when your reply appeared. And indeed, just taking the sdcard out and pushing back in was the only thing needed. So faster solution than i feared. And I now see I already have 4.1 installed, so do not need to update the flash yet. cheers

Great - Thanks for the update!