New Patches JellyWav and JellyWavSynth

To let you know I’ve posted a couple of Organelle patches: JellyWav and JellyWavSynth. All props go to @WyrdAl as these are some component-engineered reworkings of the wonderful Jellycaster.

Where Jellycaster takes live audio input, these patches take .WAV files and use parts of the Jellycaster FX chain to do things to the sounds. A chosen sample is played into the FX at a set tempo, so you can sync it with a backing track for instance, or any other rhythmic sound.

Because of the 4-page constraint and I need two pages to handle the sample parameters, I’ve chosen different combos of the original stages in the two patches. Either two stages of the 13 FX, or the ‘Guitar Synth’ and one stage of FX.

The idea is something like a live instrument, where you can change the sample parameters in the moment to explore interesting ideas.


May as well have the set :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks to @alanca for pointing that sample Audio17.wav was spelt wrong. Now corrected in v0.3