Adding wav files to patches

I have been having a blast going through all of my wav sample data I have accumulated over the years and adding it to the ‘sampler style’ patch and playing the samples on my organelle. I have only had this thing for a week now and before I go jumping into PD development I just wanted to see if you guys could recommend any cool patches I could add my own samples to like I have been with the ‘sampler style’ patch. I have been looking through the patches I currently have installed and some do not have existing wav files for me to update. Noob here!

Thank you in advance!

Adding your own samples is a great way to get milage out of patches!

There are many patches that load samples similar to sampler style from the factory patch set here. try these:

Sampler Style Delay
Pow Pow's Polybeats
Polybeats DRG32V
h Rando  (this one has folders for each key, and plays the samples randomly, also see the other HRando patches)
Beats and Pieces  (a long background sound file and individual ones for the keys)
Children of Sample (manipulates one sound file)

and probably some others

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…and don’t forget about Distributor!

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Dude! You guys! Thanks! Thanks so much! I have been having a TON o fun with this organelle!
You guys rock!

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I just posted a patch that lets you load your own samples you might be interested in:
You can drop a bunch of wavs into a folder (you need to make the folder /Media/samples on your USB drive) and then you can load/manipulate up to 12 of them in the patch.

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