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Here’s a 6-operator FM synth mode for 201! RichFM | Patchstorage


Wow…such a “rich” preset !
Just tried, very fun, and versatile, thanks !

ChordGenerator is a synth mode for the 201 Pocket Piano. Each keypress plays a chord.

The knobs control the following:
Knob 1: Release Time
Knob 2: Tone
Knob 3 : Chord selector. It selects from 14 chords in this order:

  1. Major
  2. Minor
  3. Suspended 4th
  4. Augmented 5th
  5. Major 7th
  6. Dominant 7th
  7. Minor 7th
  8. Minor 7th flat 5th
  9. Diminished 7th
  10. Major 3rd
  11. Minor 3rd
  12. Power
  13. Two Octaves Above Root
  14. Two Octaves Below Root

Polyphony: 4 voices.

Thanks for all of the new synths! Regarding RichFM, can you provide some details on the .txt patch format?

As you may have seen in the RichFM video, the six FM operators are arranged into two chains like this:

The RichFM preset .txt files set the amplitude, ADSR and frequency for each operator. Each preset follows the same format. Here are the contents of the preset 8-bass.txt:

0.4 0.001 0.810811 0 4.32432 1;
1 0 0.378378 0 0 1;
1 0 0.162162 0 0 2;
0.8 0 1.2973 0 0 1;
1 0 0.162162 0 0 2;
0.4 0 1.2973 0 0 4;

The first six lines correspond to the six operators in numerical order. So just be aware that the signal flow of the first FM chain begins with operator ‘3’ but the first line of the preset .txt files represents operator ‘1’!

There are six settings for each line/operator. The settings are separated by a ‘space.’ Every setting can have a decimal (aka ‘1.01’ or ‘0.835’). The settings are in this order:

  1. Amplitude of the operator - A ‘1’ or higher may clip, but it could sound cool.
  2. Attack time - in seconds
  3. Decay time - in seconds
  4. Sustain time - in seconds
  5. Release time - in seconds
  6. Frequency of the operator - relative to the key you are pressing. A ‘1’ is the frequency of key. A ‘2’ is twice the frequency of the key…

The seventh line sets the amplitude of the signal feeding back from the fourth operator into the sixth operator. ‘0’ is no feedback.

The ChordGenerator’s chord-list.txt can also be customized. Here are the default chords - one per line:

maj 4 7;
min 3 7;
sus_4th 5 7;
aug_5th 4 8;
maj_7th 4 7 11;
dom_7th 4 7 10;
min_7th 3 7 10;
min_7th_b5 3 6 10;
dim_7th 3 6 9;
maj_3rd 4;
min_3rd 3;
power 7;
octave 12 24;
sub -24 -12;

The format is: chord name and additional notes to play relative to the root note.

So for the major chord (first line) the mode will play the root note (the one you are pressing with your finger or incoming MIDI) plus two notes: one 4 notes above root, and the other 7 notes above root. You can specify notes below the root note with a ‘-’ before the number (as shown in the sub chord (last line)).

You can use a decimal place with the additional notes as well. For example, if you wanted a de-tuned chord:

maj 4.001 6.99

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Thanks for going to the trouble of crafting such a thorough reply!
It may be good idea to add this info (RichFM) to patchstorage, and/or a rtf readme file.

Thanks. I think it is best to just have it on the forum so it can be easily updated if needed.

Segmenti for 201! It plays a sample that gets chopped up into 12 equal segments. These segments repeat with each octave, but the playback speed will change according to octave.

The knobs control the following:
Knob 1: Release Time
Knob 2: Sample Speed
Knob 3 : Sample Select. Select from 10 samples!

It’s super fun to add your own samples! Make sure they are recorded at 48KHz/16-bit.

Download: Segmenti | Patchstorage

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RichAM is an amplitude modulation synthesizer. It has a clean, yet complex low end, making RichAM ideal for bass sounds. It’s great for plucky notes in the higher registers too!

The knobs control the following:
Knob 1: Envelope
Knob 2: Modulation amount
Knob 3 : Voice preset selection

Download RichAM today: RichAM

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Hammoth is an organ mode for the 201 Pocket Piano. Choose a preset, play some keys, and roll in that sweet, sweet leslie effect.

The knobs control the following:
Knob 1: Envelope
Knob 2: Organ preset
Knob 3: Rotating speaker effect amount

Download Hammoth: Hammoth


Ring Mod Synth is a synth mode for your 201 Pocket Piano. Set the modulation frequency, detuning, and experiment to make unique textures. Transposing the keyboard yields new timbres.

The knobs control the following:
Knob 1: Envelope
Knob 2: Ring Mod frequency
Knob 3: Detuning amount

Download here!

@chrisk when I add (48khz 16bit) samples to Segmenti, it seems like the root note when playing the patch isn’t C, even though the wav files in the folder start with Cs. Is this intended or did I mess something up?

Total noob here, but I dug around the files and found a box in sampler-voice.pd that said 44.1, which I changed to 48 and now I think the patch is tuned correctly. Please let me know if I did the right thing or if my 201 is going to explode tomorrow?

Topaz 1 + Compac 2 is a synth mode for the 201 Pocket Piano. It features voices from two vintage synths: the Topaz 1 bayan from Formanta and the Compac 2 from Univox.

The knobs control the following:

  • Knob 1: Envelope. The knob is split in half: left side is without attack, right side is with attack.
  • Knob 2: Synth Voice. Select from 12 knob positions. Select 6 tones without vibrato (left side), and the same 6 tones with vibrato.
  • Knob 3: Playback Speed. Sets overall speed - used in tandem with transpose keys.

Polyphony: 7 voices.

Have fun!


Quick demo of the new Topaz 1 & Compac 2 mode for 201 released last week!

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