Hey I was wondering if there are plans/ a way to set different subdivisions I really like how slow the arpeggiator on the original PP could get. if I could swap the 1/16 note subdivisions for 1/8 notes that would be ideal. additionally the ability to select tied notes would also make this synth so much more powerful. a combo of holding shift+metronome+Up/Down would be a great way to access this. I’m brand new to the 201 so I don’t know how accessible the patch making is or if those features are even accessible.

I think this is a great idea! I don’t have a super succinct solution to this, but can collect some preliminary fragments here…

This post tells how to adjust the rate of the metronome / clock:

This post contains a suggestion that shares some overlap with yours:

And this very recent patch has successfully implemented shift+knob functionality, which makes me suspect that a shift+knob clock divider function is probably very possible! - Red Ranger | Patchstorage

In the 201 pd patches the tempo is controlled by the object ‘r beat-clock’. it sends 0-359 ticks every beat. so in the octave cascade patch the beat clock output goes to a select(sel) object that bangs on 1 94 181 274. (the numbers arent perfect 16ths to add some natural jitter). so here all you’d have to do is delete the connection at 94 and 274 and then you only have 8th notes triggering. some other pattern patches are a little harder but its all pretty much the same idea.
Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 17.50.15

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A clock divider/multiplier is something I’m currently working on. How it’s (hopefully) going to work is that tempo subdivisions are set by the tempo knob on its own, while shift+tempo sets global bpm (for midi clock out and click track). I’m aiming for behavior similar to an original pocket piano synced to an external clock source.

Also, thanks for plugging Red Ranger!

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it’s a great patch, thanks for making it