Absolute Beginner Help: RichFM/General Mode Additions

I just got my 201 Pocket Piano and I’m new to C&G devices in general. I’m having trouble getting the RichFM mode properly added to my device. The manual told me the naming conventions for the folder containing the mode, but when I get things moved over, the mode just doesn’t work. I feel like I’m doing something simple wrong, but I’m not sure.

I added all of the files from the RichFM download (except the presets folder) into a folder labelled “6-RichFM” placed within the “Modes” folder on the device. I removed the “6-” prefix from the Sampler mode so it wouldn’t conflict and then ejected my device. But mode 6 just does nothing.

If I remove the RichFM folder entirely and add the “6-” back to the Sampler folder, it works fine.

What am I missing?

I think you need the presets folder. These are storing parameters for the FM patch

Thanks for getting a 201!

The presets folder of the RichFM patch contains important files. The patch will not work without them.

Whoops! It’s working now. Thanks for the help!