New User questions

Hi! I have just order a organelle m and i am very curious about the organelle and pure data for multi media works. I work in theatre, sound art installations, video art, etc… I have been reading and watching videos about the organelle and axoloti core for months.

I was wondering if anyone as any expirience in those fields using the organelle. And i wanted to ask if the organelle can be used in a similar way that Mathew Tyas uses the axoloti in is sound experiments (pi-jamuary 2020 - with just the 1 axoloti and a midi crontroller ex pi'jamuary #21 - YouTube)

Very exited to start exploring!

Yes, the Organelle M has granular synth patches such as Nori Grains and Granular Freezer.

There are other granular synth patches here: Organelle | Platforms | Patchstorage

And @KristofferLislegaard used one in this great video: I brought my Organelle-M outside and had a jam in the snow!

Will check all those patches when it arrives! Thanks chrisk!