Organelle music


I see all those talking but not hearing enough music. Share some music played with your organelle. Heres me and my band… Not my finest guitar moment but whatever


Nice! I rarely record but improvise a lot at home and sometimes post stuff here
I should record more.


Good idea!

i haven’t used it with my band yet, but I’ve recorded a few jams at home on my own. Here the latest one:

@Wannop: love the videos you’ve posted on your instagram, really good stuff!


Hi all, new to the forum and new to the Organelle as well! Here is a link of an ambient improvisation I did with my newly arrived Organelle; with a little help from the Modal Craft Synth (plugged into the Organelle for Granular processing.)


As an example for using the Organelle ( and the bolsa bass) as an instrument for nonelectronic Singer/Songwriter Music.
Hope you like !


a clip from months ago
i’ll share more soon


love the feel of this with you playing live to a running percussion beat.


organelle is a great sampler

i’m still a novice at automated sequencing so i usually do stuff by hand like that


This is great! Very inspiring


Thank you, I appreciate that!


Here’s a song I did using the Granular Freezer patch.


Great improv, Genshi!

Here’s a little something I recorded yesterday with the help of a couple of Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedals:


Nicely done Luis! And thanks for the kind words regarding my video!


i just goy my organelle yesterday and i’m enjoying it so much! here is a little track for field recording, tape and the organelle (arpeggio synth).


Yesterday I got myself a classic Roland 707 and I felt like a kid on Xmas morning once I found out I could use it to sequence the organelle! Here’s my first experience using the Roland to trigger a Punchy arpeggio:


Microgranny + Microbrute into Octatrack sending outs into Organelle w/ vocoder RL patch. Enjoi :pray:



my organelle is all over this lil demo i made the other day


Hey all,

Got my Organelle only two weeks ago so I’m new both to the instrument and the forum as well. Hope it’s OK to share a track as my first post. Details of the setup in the track description.
Lots of great tunes here, will be checking them out.
Cheers, Gabor


I’ve had this thing a few days but here’s some of the sounds I’ve been enjoying