No midi data received

I have a Virus TI which I’m trying to use as a midi controller.
(which under Linux is usb midi class compliant)

but no midi is being received in the patches when connected…

Ive run PD up in GUI mode, and I can see no midi notes on any channel.

amidi -l , shows the device, as does midi info in Organelle

I checked this because, the TI actually sends data on USB midi port 1 (not 0), so my understanding in PD this means it should be on channel 17.
( I altered the organelle midi script to allow for this, but still no luck)

ok, so then I checked, and I can see PD is set up to read /dev/midi3, using OSS
if I cat /dev/midi3, I can see data coming in from the TI, so data is definitely coming in…

any thoughts?

as an aside, I then set PD to use ALSA midi, and used aconnect to connect the Virus to the PD virtual midi port, and viola it works fine.

… which raises another question, perhaps I should just configure PD to use ALSA MIDI… though for some reason, if I change in PD, it doesn’t seem to ‘stick’

So enumerates with 2 ports? This has been problematic before, similar to using two separate MIDI devices. I remember trying the ALSA midi with aconnect at one point to get something working, and this is probably the way it ‘should’ be done, that way any device combos could be used and even configured through the system menu.

But yeah, working with that stuff is tricky, so we just defaulted to the old OSS /dev device which works really well for most devices (those that only have one port at least)