Organelle as a polyphonic/chromatic sampler for live use?


Thinking of getting a keyboard sampler for live use. Thinking Organelle M might be an ideal choice but not sure yet? Ideally I could cycle through different presets during a live show and play polyphonically with a midi keyboard, with a different sample streched across the keyboard on different presets. And ADSR and effects as well. Would this be possible using ORAC and Nori Mod (or a different patch)?

I don’t have much experience with Pure Data, but I’m an experienced programmer in a different language, and would be excited to learn it. I would hope there’d be existing patches that could meet my needs to start with though.

Thanks in advance for any insights, and happy new year.

i think the first question is… why use the Organelle rather than a dedicated sampler?

there are sample playback patches and modules (for orac), but they will (by definition) be more limited than a dedicated instrument, these cover things like individual samples per note, or stretching a single sample - but I’m not sure there is a sampler that’s supports layering, or using complex multi-samples

also not sure if there are patches that can re-pitch without changing length - its possible but computationally more expensive.

also perhaps compared to some samplers the amount of ram may be a limited.

BUT… the organelle excels where you want to do things that are not covered by a conventional sampler, where you want to start mixing things up.

so back to first question…

sure it can cover this area,
and if you are an experienced programmer and want to send time on playing in this area it could be for you, as you can extend to do as you want… exactly how much you can do (e.g. sample playback + effects ) is obviously then down to resources (cpu/memory) available.


I’ve actually been looking for a dedicated sampler, and haven’t found one that would be perfect. I like the form factor of the organelle, and it seems to be an inspiring instrument in many ways, so ideally going in organelle direction will end up making sense.

Also, I’m not sure actually why I used the phrase “stretched across the keyboard” the time-stretching isn’t actually important for me in this context. I actually meant it in the sense of just re-pitching it across the keyboard.

Also, layering samples is something I could do externally, then load into the Organelle. Would be cool to have it internally, but not a deal-breaker if it doesn’t exist yet.

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There are a couple of patches/modules that do this.

Another aspect to consider is sample editing, patches on organelle will allow for simple start/end point editing - but more advanced samplers will have things like loop points.

Again nothing stopping you adding these things,
Just a matter of understanding what your requirements are. If they fairly straightforward it’s quite possible organelle will do what you want out the box.

I’m not trying to put you off … rather it’s just good to have realistic expectations, better for it to exceed these than not meet them :slight_smile:

I love the organelle, as you say form factor is fantastic and I find the organelle is both flexible and playful at the same time.

Did you have a look at the 1010music Blackbox? It seems like it is very capable of doing what you want and more and at a lover pricepoint than the organelle.

This looks very cool cool, thanks!

Price wise, it’s the same as the organelle where I am (US).

The thing is it seems better a sampler, however most of its other features aren’t things I’d really use as I’m not super into “live sampling” or playing pads, etc. Just want to play samples with my keyboard, which I can do with that, and probably better than the organelle… though the organelles “other” functions are more my speed than the “other” functions of the blackbox.


Hey @musichascolors did you ever get an Organelle for this?