NYC/CT Pd Patching Circle

Pall Thayer and i are reviving the NY/CT area Pd patching circle this year with meetings taking place at UCONN STAMFORD, PURCHASE PORT CHESTER and possibly HARVESTWORKS in NYC. If you are in the area i invite you to join in for planning or even hosting a patching circle. The events @ UCONN will be streamed via TeamViewer so we can help online folks and show patching techniques. Pall is a pd guru for sure.

Note* The Facebook group is for planning not for pd questions or posting your new track. If you plan on attending bring money for a coffee or a hat pass if we have a usage fee but for the most part its all free no one will be turned away. Make sure you bring a laptop with pure data or a way to take notes if coming in person.

My first presentation will be about patching for the Organelle. Big surprise!

Be well everyone



Ah man, this sounds like an interesting get together. Sadly a couple thousands miles too far :frowning: Anyone doing anything similar in UK?

What about Denmark? Any Danish users, besides me?

Jylland preferable? :grinning:

I’m in the UK, @Generationloss - but essentially PD illiterate.

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When is going to be the streamed event? I can’t find the Facebook group

not for a while we’re in the planning stages of spaces

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