NYC/CT Pd Patching Library; Live Organelle Workshop

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am going to be doing a Demo of the Organelle as a part of my Patching Organelle with Pure Data @ SUNY Purchase an event facilitated by SUNY Purchase and Staffed by Students in the Interactive Media Design track at the University of Connecticut Stamford Campus Splash PAD lab [My Lab]. My Students will be filming the Detailed 1 hour “How-TO”

I will be showing HOW to patch 4 knobs and make a menu for a Modal Drum sound with a generative midi controlled sequencer.

We will have the Date [Professor Pall Thayer of SUNY is my CO-Host] to announce very soon but if you are in the NY/CT Area over the next couple of months please say hello @ TEDx or SUNY for the Organelle Workshop!!!

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I’d be all over this if it wasn’t clear across the country from me!

Sounds great, except I’m about 5000 km away from it. Is there any chance you’ll upload the video somewhere?

My students are going to document it on video, yes It will most likely be linked here and the facebook patching circle page.