Patching for Organelle~: Streaming help

i am going to setup a stream to help people with patching their first pd->organelle~ patch
I had a request on the patreon site and a member suggested that i alert you all.
I will do probably 2 or three of them so i can help people get their own idea onto the organelle~

If you would like to get this type of help they will be available @ 5$ donation per session of 10$ donation for all three

I’ll give it a few days before we schedule it and i will try to screen record it for an archive



Cool to see that you’re offering to share the knowledge with the community. It’d be so good to see more people become knowledgeable in creating stuff for the Organelle. I, for one, will definitely go for all the 3 sessions.

Let’s get this going soon. I’ll have some free time in the next 2 weeks :wink:

I’ve been sniffing around hoping someone would make a tutorial for adapting patches for use on the organelle for ages. This would be a godsend. There’s good information out there on producing regular vanilla pd patches, but no tutorials on stuff specific to the organelle like how to send page info to the organelle screen, knob filtering, preset saving etc. Definitely in for this. I do hope the stream is recorded too and available to watch over and over! Put me down for all three!

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There’s several Tiers [patreons words not mine] 25$ gets you all the Tutorials + Lessons. I need to update it to include the streaming lessons etc…

I think i am going to use Team Viewer for connecting if i can

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Will they be staying online once up? I may be leaving the country and unfortunately all my gear including organelle (:frowning:) for up to a year in a couple of months. Would be great to come back and get stuck into them then.

I’m going to stream them to Youtube and archive them there.


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Nice, I’m Interested Thanks!

Just join at the Patreon site at 10$ for the tutorials 25$ for tutorials plus patches etc… it’s all listed but I willnupdate the tier rewards to reflect what you get today

Ohh! Im really interested.

I currently donate $10 per month. I don’t think Patreon runs on single donations but monthy subscription, am I right? So in order to download your future patches, users must donate $25 or more per month?

nah just donate 25$ once then cancel and join for like a buck if they don;t let you in. There’s workarounds. There’s not that many people but i have a file for who payed what when already

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I’m really excited by this and look forward to learning from @shreeswifty
It’s going to happen, but could use a couple more interested people for "critical mass."
Who else is in?

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I woud like to get a few more folks interested before we start the scheduling
i hope if folks see this they may be inspired to join us

maybe i’ll make a little flyer thing


i would love to get 10 people? is that a good number?

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It’s as good a number as any.
Since you have to justify the time and effort you put into this, you decide.

Regarding time the difference between continents need to be considered. I’m in the UK

okay please list your name and your Timezone in relation to EST please!
I am in the Eastern Standard TimeZone NYC
I will make a spreadsheet

for example

Patrick EST +/- 0 hours

Thank you for doing this as it will really help!

Wannop UK - EST +4 Hrs

swhic UK - EST +5 hrs

Thorsten SG // EST +13 hrs