Octave range mix up

I’m hap hazarding my through the mellotron patch to repurpose it as an 88 key multisampler for keys. But I can’t work out what to do for this transpose (top right section of main.pd)

I want it to go Counter Clock wise -36 to Clock wise 24 for now. But on organelle m -36 -24 -12 are the higher octaves. Tried doing research and copying other patches transpose routing but the other sample patches routing are all a bit different to this. Closest I found was the NESwave engine. This isn’t the biggest issue, but it is an irk.

Or is this an issue to do with octave select in the top leftish area

main.pd (16.2 KB)

I think the issue is in [pd octaveselect]. The transposition value coming in the [r oct] inlet is always subtracted from the incoming keyboard notes. But if you send a negative transposition number (like ‘-36’) and then use a [- ] to subtract that negative number, that transposition number will be added instead. So the notes get higher instead of lower. Please see the two results here:


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