Octave Select for Organelle Keyboard

Just wondering, is there anyway to do octave select for Organelle keybaord globally for all synth patches? I know some synth patches come with octave select for the keyboard but some don’t.

I also noticed that the new 201 synth has an octave select built in. Is there a way to implent the octave select in a similar fashion on the organelle maybe in a future update?

Unfortunately that is something that had to be taken into account on a per patch basis. The patches for the 201 are designed with specific functionality in mind but Organelle patches are more open ended. However, if you use a MIDI controller with the Organelle, the octave up and down will work but it sometimes it wont do anything for certain patches

I see. Though I am curious whether it’s possible to create a midi effect “keyboard patch” for orac that essentially is just a keyboard and a octave select built into it.

Several patches provide a transpose option in the patch menu available through the aux button.

That is possible to do and I imagine not too difficult