(solved) Organelle & OP-Z: Organelle won't boot

Hello all,
I don’t post much here but read all of you everyday! Thanks everyone !
I’m a happy owner of an organelle, and an op-Z.
I’m trying to connect both of them via the op-z USB cable. There’s a great video showing how to sync them with MIDI.

I thought it would be easy, connecting both of them with the TE op-z usb cable.
Problem is that as soon as I plug the OP-Z into the Organelle, the organelle keeps rebooting arriving at 23% in the booting process. I’ve disabeld midi OUT from the op-z, midi IN in the Organelle, but same results everytime. I’ve also disabled the charging function in the OP-Z. Even if I plug the usb while the OP-Z is not powered on the Organelle keeps rebooting…
As soon as I unplug the usb cable, all is fine, it boots correctly.

Any idea where it could come from? (looks like it is the cable, but it doesn’t really make sense to me… the cable is new and works perfectly when plugged to my computer)
I’m on OS 3.1 on the Organelle, and latest OS on the OP-Z

If anyone can help it would be great!

I have both and they sync up just fine. However, I have opted not to update my OP-Z to the latest firmware because I have read that some people have been having problems since the update.

Perhaps the new firmware is the issue? Have you tried going back to the old firmware to see what happens?

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Hello ! Thanks for your answer.
I could try that but I doubt it comes from the op-z, because the problem occurs even if I plug the op-Z while the op-z is turned off.

does it do it, if the cable is not connected to the OP-Z?
do you have any issues with USB for other devices connected to the Organelle?

given its does it when its powered off - I’d say on of two things:
a) alot of device automatically turn on , when they get power off of usb (i dont know about the OP-Z),
so perhaps its attempting to power on, and drawing too much current, which takes out the Organelle?
b) bad cable - or connector on either Organelle or OP-Z end,
perhaps this creates a short, which kills the Organelle.
no idea why it would work with your computer though… but that in itself doesn’t prove anything 100% either.

have you tried using a usb hub? e.g. organelle -> usb hub -> op-z - Id try with a powered USB hub.
a powered USB usually helps to take bus power issues out of the equation.
(I doubt, an unpowered hub will make any difference, but if thats all you have give it a try too)

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Hello Mark!
Thanks a lot. I was just trying to plug the cable into the organelle without plugging the op-Z on the other side when you answered: indeed, no problem.
The op-z is not turning on when i plug it, but I think you’re on the right path…
I don’t have a usb hub… When I plug the op-z, I see the input monitor have a sudden rise on the organelle screen, and then it reboots.
I just have a midi m audio usb-din cable, no issue with this…
What’s weird is that other users don’t have this issue…
I’m a bit stuck right now…

Ok I think I’ve solved it!
I thought I made the trick of disabling usb charging on the OP-Z, but I did not.
I did it, and now it seems to work! (press screen and E2 on the op-z to disable charging while usb cable is plugged). I think te OP-Z was drawing too much power off the Organelle. You were right!
Thank you!

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yeah, this can be a common problem with USB device, when used with things like the Organelle, rPI.
the OP-Z will have likely have similar issues with some midi controllers (usually if they have screens or lots of LEDS) - its handy to have a powered usb hub to hand for these cases :slight_smile:

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As always, thanks a lot Mark for being so helpful! Organelle community owes you a lot!
Organelle and Op-Z sounds like a great combo! And now they perfectly sync together!

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@Arkaki0 Glad you got it sorted out! Thanks @thetechnobear!

If you’re in a similar situation again with different USB-powered device, remember that the Organelle requires more amperage on boot up than it does while it is running.

The same might be true for your USB device too - so if you’re trying to power them both on at the same time, the load might be too great and one or both devices might not boot properly or at all.


Thank you Chris, I’ll try to find a more reliable power supply, I’ll dig the forum for references. Mine is not the very reliable.
I’ll also keep in mind the USB powered device issue, I also may buy a powered hub one day !