OP-1 plus Organelle

Anybody ever do a combo with the Op-1 and Organelle? Just got an op-1 and wanna see what cool stuff they can do together

Tried to link em briefly but had midi problems (all notes were latching and noticeable latency). Need to investigate further when i get a minute…

In theory the various Op1 sequencers/arpeggio could be really useful for Organelle patches that don’t have those or feel fiddly. Plus there’s also layering of sounds and fast resampling between the two devices with Op1 going through Organelle fx or vice versa. Tons of stuff to try out :wink:

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This is awesome. How are you getting that loud of an output with the op-1? Pre amp or mixer?

Actually never mind figured out my issue

I’ve made a (very basic) patch for letting you control the op1’s lfo values using the organelle knobs. More patches to come :slight_smile:



@ghostly606 I start by saying I don’t have an op-1, but I always like to combine things to maximize opportunities or use cases, take advantage of creative ways… and as such I also have to invest more in Organelle+Haken Continuum - I can send it MIDI CC for extra control :wink:

Last note, on your patch you are sending both MIDI CC defaults (21,22,23,24) and the new ones (1,2,3,4) I see that you don’t used [send midiOutGate] probably no harm done.

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The OP1 doesn’t respond to any CCs except 1,2,3,4 so no issue, but I hadn’t thought of that, so more luck than design! :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing me in direction of [send midiOutGate], I wasn’t aware of its existence!

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v2.0 now with modulation:

– sine wave lfo on each channel (0.1 to 20Hz)
– mod amount on each channel
– global midi resolution (pseudo sample & hold)
– my favourite feature – led colour matches the destination!

Lots more to come. :slight_smile:
(variable waveshapes, envelopes, lfo triggering, midi sync, etc)