Orac 1 – Chain output gain via Korg Nanokontrol2/MIDI


I’m having trouble controlling Orac’s (first version) individual Chains’s output gain via MIDI. No matter what I do, I seem to be controlling all Chains’s gain with each fader I set up to control only one Chain’s gain. I’ve got Chain 1 setup to receive on MIDI channel 1, and Chain 2 setup to receive on MIDI channel 2. I’m using the 2x4+2 routing. I’ve got faders on my Korg Nanokontrol2 setup to send different CC numbers on proper channels (i.e. channel 1 for Chain 1, and channel 2 for Chain 2), but both faders seem to be controlling both Chains’s gain.

What am I missing?

so midi learn is affecting more than one parameters, even though you only touched one parameter?

if this is the case, its probably a bug in the routers module.json file, Ive probably listed the same parameter id twice (or more) - there a lot of things the same in the routers, so it was a case of ‘cut, paste, modify’… and sometimes that goes wrong :wink:
perhaps others have not been using 2x4+2 much, so just not noticed the gains are not independent… as its not been raised before (afaik)

honestly, though this has all changed in Orac 2.0… and Orac 2.0 is stable, so Im not planning on going back and changing Orac 1.0 at this point- sorry.

(if you go check the module.json file though, you might find its an obvious mistake)

The Out Gain on both channels changes with either fader (I’ve got one fader setup to change the gain on one chain, and the other one to change the gain on the other chain). Regardless whether they’re (chains) setup to receive on the same MIDI channel, or not.

How do I go about identifying the duplicate entries in the module.json file? I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell the right one from the wrong one… :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


you’ll know… they should all be unique, and they follow a naming convention that is recognisable when you look at it!

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