Organelle still sending MIDI data w/ system MIDI settings disabled


Sorry if this is a daft question, but…

I am playing a MIDI file out of Pro Tools, through a MIDI interface, into the Organelle, and then to an external synth… Even with the MIDI settings in the Organelle’s System menu set to “Disabled,” the Organelle is still sending data to the external synth.

I thought that if I disabled the Organelle’s MIDI out, it would stop all MIDI data from being transmitted, no?

Another, related question… Do the MIDI settings inside the Orac patch supersede the MIDI settings in the System menu?

Thanks for any insight into my obviously misunderstanding something…



Did you Save the settings in the MIDI menu? Save is at the bottom of the menu.


Yes — many times!


is this just Orac, or other patches as well?
(this will let us know if there is an issue with mother.pd)

also if you relaunch the patch are midi save, does the issue persist?

yes, Orac has a different approach to midi, for a couple of reasons
the basic, receiving/transmitting the raw knobs (cc21-cc24) makes no sense for a multi page patch

Orac has midi learn to allow you to control parameters in a much more controlled way.
Orac supports midi in/ out on different midi channel for different chains.

I think there is a small issue in orac, if you ‘save midi settings’ whilst its running, as this re-enables it.
(but thats appears to be the opposite of what your describing)

all that said, Im running a ‘dev’ version of Orac, which Ive changed the midi implementation on, so it might be theres a bug in the released version, that Ive already fixed , so might be why I’ve not seen it.


Hi Mark,
Thanks so much for your reply, and for all your videos, etc. They have been very helpful!

As for this particular problem, it seems to be every patch, not Orac specifically. I am just starting to explore Orac and it seems pretty amazing. I was trying to explore the “midi in/ out on different midi channel for different chains” feature when I encountered this issue. I switched to some other patches to try and see if it was specific to Orac, but the problem persisted.

I don’t believe I’ve altered my Mother.pd patch, but I will investigate this front a bit more and see if perhaps it’s been corrupted somehow. Thanks again for your help.

Best Wishes,